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How to burn DivX to DVD disc and watch on DVD player?

"How to burn DivX to DVD to play in a DVD player? Basically, I want to create a 4 in 1 disc but I don't want to convert the files to DVD. I already have a DivX DVD player. Can I put these movies on a DVD-R and watch them on my DivX player, or do the discs strictly have to be CD-R's?"


Generally speaking, there are two kinds of situations in terms of burning DivX to DVD. If you have a DivX player with DivX logo on it, this will save you lots of energy. In this case, you can simply burn DivX file as a data disc, which will play in your DivX player. You can even view them via the USB if there is any. However, most ordinary DVD players don’t have the ability to read DivX directly. For those who want to watch DivX movies on normal DVD players, you need to create a Video DVD disc from DivX files.


DVD Creator is the most professional DivX to DVD burner which is able to burn DivX files to DVD for playback on standalone DVD players. With ConvertXtoDVD, you can burn multiple DivX on a recordable DVD with subtitles and DVD menus. The step-by-step guide below explains in detail on how to convert and burn DivX/Xvid to DVD using ConvertXtoDVD. (For Mac users, please use DVD Creator for Mac to burn DivX to DVD on Mac, including Snow Leopard and Lion.)


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Step-by-step Guide to Burn DivX/Xvid to DVD with DivX to DVD Burner


Add DivX Files to DivX Creator

So, you have downloaded and installed DVD Creator, now you may run it. Then hit on plus button to import your source DivX/Xvid files to the program. The right window lets you preview the imported file.



Customize Settings before Burning

Click on Settings, there are many options you can make to personalize your DVD movies, like Subtitles, Sound events, Audio, Language, DVD menus, Chapters, and more. You may click on them to make settings accordingly.


Burn DivX/Xvid to DVD

After you have completed the settings, hit on “Convert” button, you will be reminded to insert a writable disc in the selected burner if you haven’t done so. Then click on “Burn” button to get started the DivX to DVD burning process.

Soon the disc should be ready. Then you can watch the DVD on your computer with DVD drive or watch it on your home DVD player hooked to TV. Have fun. You can also use DVD Creator to burn all other videos to DVD format.



1. Burn DivX to DVD on Mac

DVD Creator for Mac is an easy-to-use yet professional Mac DVD burner which is able to burn DVD from DivX, Xvid, AVI, MKV, WMV, MP4, MOV, etc. Check it out for burning DVD on Mac.


2. DivX and Xvid

Xvid is basically the free version of DivX. Xvid is written from scratch, SFAIK, and IMO is slightly inferior to DivX. The two are basically interchangeable in terms of reading each other's files.


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