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How to burn videos to DVD for playing on Xbox One?

How to burn DVDs for playing on Xbox One? So I downloaded some movies, I usually just burn them onto a DVD and watch them on a normal DVD player. But I would like to watch them on my Xbox One with my friends. But then I heard about different formats, etc. So could someone step by step tell me how to do so and if possible could I play the same DVD on normal DVD player? Thanks in advance.


In terms of burning videos to DVD disc for Xbox One playback, simply remember one basic rule: Authorize the DVD. This is also the case for burning DVD for playing on home DVD player. So to speak, as long as you finalize the DVD disk, you will be able to play the DVD on either stand-alone DVD player or Xbox One console. So, the question goes to how to effectively burn DVD disc. What would be the best app for burning DVD for Xbox One?


If you just copy and paste videos/movies onto a DVD-R, you will end up with a DVD disc which can only be recognized by the computer. This kind of disc is known as data disc. What we need here is Video DVD disc. In order to make a DVD disc for Xbox One playback, you will need a DVD authorizing software. Here we would highly recommend DVD Creator (DVD Creator for Mac) which is able to convert & burn any videos/movies/TV Shows to a DVD format that can be played on Xbox One, home DVD player, computer, etc. What's more, this professional software is extremely easy-to-use without any extra techniques required. Wondering how? Check out the step-by-step guide below and burn your videos to DVD for playing on Xbox One today.


How to easily convert & burn movies to DVD for playing on Xbox One?


Download DVD Burner for Xbox One

What we do first is to download this smart program and then install it on your computer. Here we have both Windows and Mac DVD Creator. Once installed, you may run it on your computer.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Import Videos/Movies

On the application, you may click on "Import" button under "Source" tab, then you may go to the folder of your source videos/movies/TV series. Choose those you'd like to burn onto DVD disk and add them into the software. Then you will see the loaded files will be listed on the left panel as you can see below:



Customize DVD Menu (Optional)

You may want to add a DVD menu to personalize your DVD disk. Here you may click on "Menu" button and there are various built-in DVD templates including both animated and static ones. Select one of your favorite as the DVD menu. Besides, you can even customize the menu with your own picture and music. Prefer not to have a menu? Simple choose No Menu option.


Burning DVDs for Xbox One

Click on "Preview" button and you can have a glimpse at how your DVD video disc will look like. Then you may click on "Burn" button, insert a blank DVD disc (Check out DVD disc knowledge) into the computer's DVD Burner (DVD Burner) and click on "Start" button to burn videos onto DVD disc for Xbox One playback.

The burning process may take a while. Once the task is done, the DVD disk will ejected automatically. After that, you may take the DVD and watch it on the Xbox One or home DVD player. Have fun. Learn more about this professional DVD Burning Software.


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