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How to burn DVD to another DVD with best quality?

"So, how do you burn DVD to another DVD? OK, I'm trying to rip a DVD onto my computer and make copies of it for my family. It's a video DVD of my sister's wedding so it's nothing copyrighted. I don't what program I can use. Some DVD Converters I searched didn't work for me. Help?"


Method 1 Rip DVD to Computer and Burn DVD from There
Method 2 Burn DVD Movies using Video Converter Ultimate
Method 3 Burn DVD to DVD with DVD Copy Software


If you wanted to download from DVD to DVD I would suggest you use programs to do it. Just copy the files on one DVD disc to another DVD may not work. Basically, you have two options to burn DVD movie to another blank DVD. And both ways are programs involved. Below is the step-by-step guide which walks you through each method respectively.


Method 1 Rip DVD to Computer and Burn DVD from There

By using this method, you will need two programs: DVD Ripper + DVD Creator. First of all, you will need to rip the DVD to you PC with a DVD Ripper software. Then you will need a DVD burning software to burn the ripped DVD movies to a blank DVD disc. And the whole process would be pretty easy if you have the right tool. Now follow the instructions below to learn the details.



Rip DVD Movies to Hard Drive

a. Download and install DVD Ripper. It's lets you rip and convert both commercial DVDs and home-made DVDs to any format saved onto your computer.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






b. Load DVD movie. Insert your DVD movies into your DVD drive and load it onto DVD Ripper.



c. Select a format that you want. For example, you want to rip the DVD movies to AVI on your hard drive, click on "Profile" button and select AVI as the output format.

d. Rip and convert the DVD movies onto your computer.


Once you've finished the ripping, you can see the files by clicking on "Find Target" button. Then we shall move to the next step.


Burn Ripped DVD Movies onto Blank DVD

a. Download and install DVD Creator. This program is capable of burning DVDs from almost any source: DVD Ripped files, Torrent movies, Camcorder/Camera videos, etc.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






b. Add DVD-Rip files. Now run the program and click on "Import" button to add your DVD ripped videos into the program.


c. Customize DVD settings. This is an optional step. You can customize the DVD menu, edit videos with the built-in advanced features.

d. Now insert a blank DVD disc into your computer drive, and click on "Burn" button to burn the movie files onto DVD disc.


Soon, the DVD burning should be completed. Now you can take the DVD and watch it on home DVD player, give it to your friends or families. Have fun.

Method 2 Burn DVD Movies using Video Converter Ultimate

Video Converter Ultimate is the most sophisticated tool which provides you the ultimate solutions to DVD and videos. It combines DVD Ripper, DVD Creator, Video Converter, DRM Removal, YouTube Downloader, Screen Recorder, and more features. So with this single program, and by following its on-screen instructions, you will make DVD from another DVD disc easily and quickly. For detailed guide, please refer to: How to use Video Converter Ultimate.




Method 3 Burn DVD to DVD with DVD Copy

The other option is to use DVD Copy software. This program lets backup DVD from DVD9 to DVD5, DVD5 to DVD9, DVD5 to DVD5 and DVD9 to DVD9. You may follow the detailed instructions below to learn how to do it.


Step 1 Download DVD Copy
Before getting started, free download DVD Copy by clicking the link below. Install and launch it.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Step 2 Select Source DVD
Now insert your DVD disc into your DVD drive.



Step 3 Customize Output
Click the "Target" drop-down menu and select the output" copy DVD to DVD, DVD folder and ISO Image file.


Step 4 Start Copying
After that, click on "Start" button and start copying. The program will remind you when a new blank DVD disc is needed


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