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2 Methods to Burn iMovie Projects to DVD Disc

How to burn DVD from iMovie? So I am trying to burn a DVD from the movie I created using iMovie on my Mac. What format should I use and what types of DVD do I have to buy so I can successfully burn iMovie project onto DVD format which can be played on my stand-alone DVD player?


iMovie is a video-editing application by Apple which allows you to import videos from your digital camera, HD camcorder or computer. Once you've done with the editing, you may want to burn the project onto DVD disc for viewing on DVD player, Xbox, PS3, etc. Basically, there are two easy methods on burning DVD from iMovie. One way to accomplish this is to use iDVD included in the iLife suite. If you don't have iDVD on you Mac, you may use a third-party DVD authoring program. Suppose you have already exported your iMovie projects to QuickTime MOV, here we included the detailed step-by-step guide on how to burn iMovie to DVD in these 2 ways.


Method 1: Burn iMovie Projects to DVD Disc Using iDVD

Apple's iDVD application is a quick and simple DVD burning tool which lets you make DVDs easily. If you actually have it, use it. Here are the quick steps to burn DVD using iDVD. Read on.


Step 1 Launch iDVD. Click on "File" button and choose "Create a Magic iDVD" and add the iMovie exported videos to it.

Step 2 Name your project. Click on one of the "Theme Elements" from the list of options to give your DVD menu a preset theme. You may select "Open Theme Element" to preview a preset.

Step 3 Click on "Movies" button in the "iLife Media Browser" to select the movies and/or slideshows that you want to burn onto DVD. Drag them into the iDVD timeline in the sequence you want them viewed.

Step 4 Hit on "Burn" button in iDVD's interface. Insert a blank writable DVD disc into your DVD drive. Then your DVD will automatically start to render and burn.


It is now confirmed that iDVD has been discontinued by Apple. This means there will be now iDVD included for new Macs. For alternatives, you may check out our DVD Creator for Mac which works as well as iDVD. For detailed information, please check out the nest part.


Method 2: Burn iMovie Projects to DVD Disc Using DVD Creator for Mac

DVD Creator for Mac is professional DVD authoring software specially designed for Mac users to create DVDs from videos and photos. It supports burning DVDs from pretty much any formats of files. Delicate built-in DVD menus and video-editing features lets you make a really personalize DVD disc. After that, you can watch the DVD on home DVD player with families and friends. OK, if you have created iMovie projects and exported them to a video file, now you can use this Mac DVD Creator to burn them onto DVD format.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Load iMovie Files

Once you've downloaded and installed DVD Creator for Mac, launch it and drag your iMovie videos into it. You can also add photos to create photo slideshow DVDs.


Tips: DVD Creator is able to compress video files to fit a DVD disc but that would cause the quality loss. To remain the high quality, make sure the space doesn’t exceed the total DVD capacity (Indicated by Green line at the bottom).


Select and Customize DVD Menu (Optional)

If you want to make a special DVD, you can use the DVD menu option. Click on Menu tab and select one of your favorite menus. You can even customize DVD frames, buttons, add text, background music and background image, etc. Alternatively, you may select No menu to go to next step.



Burn iMovie to DVD on Mac

Inset a recordable black DVD disc into your computer, and click on "Burn" button to automatically burning DVD from iMovie files. (Tips: As to what DVD format to choose, please refer to DVD Format Knowledge.)

Now you may wait for DVD Creator to finish the DVD burning task. Once done, the DVD disc will be ejected and now you can watch the DVD on your DVD player hooked to TV. Have fun.



1. DVD Creator for Mac is also able to edit videos. If you need it, here you can crop, trim, add watermark, plug in subtitles or adjust video effects, according to your specific request.


2. Convert iMovie to DVD on Windows
If you have iMovie files saves on your Windows computer, you can use DVD Creator for Windows to burn them onto DVD disc easily. Three simple steps: Import, edit and burn. That's it.


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