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How to burn videos from an SD Card to DVD format?

How can I transfer video from an SD to a DVD? I downloaded my videos to my computer and burned a disc, but it doesn't work in my DVD player. I went to Walgreens, but they don't provide that service. I called a local business that transfers videos, but they said it would cost $125.00 to transfer about 5 minutes worth of video. Does anyone know how I can do this on my own or where I can get it done over the internet? Thanks!


Okay, but what exactly did you burn to your DVD? Just a copy of the videos on your SD card - it doesn't work like that. You need some DVD authoring software that takes your video and converts it to MPEG2 and then packages it into .VOB files with special file names and puts them into correct folders on the DVD so that the player knows where to look for what on the disc and then be able to play it. This is the process of burning SD card videos to DVD disc.


Though it seems a little bit complicated to burn SD to DVD format, it's not. All you need is the right DVD burning program. DVD Creator (DVD Creator for Mac) serves as the perfect DVD Burner for SD card videos. Once you've copied your videos from SD card in digital camera/camcorder, you may use this application to burn them onto DVD disc. The burnt disc will play on all home/normal/stand-alone DVD players.


How to effectively transfer & burn SD card videos to DVD format?


To get started, you may want to attach the SD card with your computer or connect your camera/camcorder to the computer with USB cable wire and take videos off SD memory card to hard drive. Then you may click the link below to download this professional DVD burning tool for SD Card videos and install it on your Mac/PC. Once done, follow the step-by-step instructions below to burn your movies from SD memory card into DVD disk.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Add SD Videos to Application

So you have launched the software, click on "Import" button under "Source" tab on the top menu bar, go and find where you have stored the SD files, choose those you'd like to burn onto disc and import them into the program. You can also do this by simply dragging & dropping. After that, the videos will be displayed on the left panel where you can organize them a little bit if you need to. Besides, you can preview the videos with built-in video player on the right.



Personalize DVD Menu (Optional)

Many people want to make a pro-like DVD disc. Choosing a DVD menu absolutely makes your disc more fabulous. That's why we provide more than 60 sets of both static and animated DVD menu templates for you. If you want one, you may hit on "Menu" tab and select one of your favorite. Moreover, you can even customize the menu with your own picture. Of course, you can simply ignore the DVD menu if you want a concise DVD disc.


Burning DVD from SD Card Videos

Here you may press on "Preview" button and have a glimpse of your DVD. If you are happy about it, hit on "Burn" tab. Then you will need to insert a blank writable DVD disc (How to choose DVD disc?) into your PC/MAC and let the software convert & burn SD memory card videos to DVD disc.

The burning process may need a while based on the size of your files, the speed of your computer, etc. Once done, the disc will be ejected automatically and then you will be able to watch the SD card videos DVD disc on your home DVD player. Have fun. (Learn more about this powerful DVD Burner for SD Card.)


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