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How to burn VLC media files to DVD format?

How can I burn VLC files onto DVD disc to play on PC or DVD player? I have some movies on my computer as VLC files. And I am trying to burn these VLC videos onto DVD-R disc. Will they write to the DVD or do I need to convert them to a certain file? Thanks!


Well, to burn a DVD disc that can be played on PC or DVD player properly, you will need to finalize it. Finalizing means that you will need to convert the video files to a DVD video format. If you just drag files onto DVD disc, it will not work on regular DVD player. DVD Creator is a professional DVD authoring program which will convert and burn LVC media files onto DVD disc (Video DVD). Once done, you will be able to watch the DVD movie on your home DVD players. Now check out the step-by-step instruction below and learn how to burn DVD from VLC video files.


Step-by-step Guide on How to Burn VLC Files onto DVD Effectively

(Note: This tutorial takes on burning VLC videos to DVD on Windows computer, if you are a Mac user, please use the Mac version of DVD Creator for Mac to do the job.)


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version







Download and Install DVD Creator

A right DVD burning program is needed to write a DVD disc. Here you can download both DVD Creator for Windows and DVD Creator for Mac, depending on your OS. It's easy, fast and stable.


Import VLC Files

Downloaded the program, install and launch it. Then click on "Import" button on the interface to add your VLC files saved on your hard drive into the program. If you want to burn some pictures with the videos, you can also add them. You can add more titles if you want to.



Customize DVD Menu (Optional)

Most people would like to have a DVD menu which improves the viewing experience. So there are many different stunning built-in DVD menus, you can just select one of your favorite. By you need is to click "Menu" button and do the settings there. If you prefer no fancy effects, select "No Menu".


Burn VLC Format to DVD

You ready? OK, insert the blank recordable DVD disc (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R RW, etc.) into your computer, click on Burn button to start burning VLC files onto DVD. (Check out the DVD format knowledge.)

Now you may want to have a cup coffee or do something else to wait for the process to be completed. Once done, the DVD disc will be ejected automatically and now you can enjoy it on your home DVD player with families and friends. Have fun.



1. VLC File Format
VLC media files mean that movies downloaded from the net or your digital devices and you watch them with VLC media player. It could be in any types of formats, like AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, MOV, M2TS, etc. There is no VLC format, it's a media player. DVD Creator is able to burn any formats of videos onto DVD disc.


2. Edit VLC Files before Burning (Optional)
For videos files, here you can crop, trim, add watermark, plug in subtitles or adjust video effects, according to your specific request. You can also edit your photo slideshow if you wish to.


3. Burn VLC to DVD on Mac
Converting VLC files to DVD on Mac can be easily done with DVD Creator for Mac. Just download and install the program, and follow the on-screen wizard: Add, edit, burn.


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