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How to convert and burn VOB files to DVD disc?

"How to burn VOB files to DVD disc? I have a collection of VOB files which take up my hard disk. However, I don’t want to delete them. Then I learned that I can burn these VOB to DVD which lets me backup my files and watch them on home DVD player. How can I burn BOB to DVD that will be played on the standalone DVD player?"


VOB stands for DVD Video Object and is the core file of a DVD containing the actual movie data, an MPEG movie stream and the supported audio. To convert and burn VOB to DVD, you will need to download or purchase a DVD burning software program. This is essential for burning .VOB files, and one of the best and easiest programs to use is DVD Creator. This professional VOB to DVD burner can be used to burn several types of DVDs, and they have perfected the .VOB file burning. The following step-by-step guide shows how to easily burn VOB files to DVD and play on DVD player.
(Tips: We take on how to burn VOB to DVD on Windows as an example, if you are running Mac OS, you can always use DVD Creator for Mac to convert VOB to DVD on Mac.)


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Step-by-step Guide to Burn VOB to DVD with VOB to DVD Converter


Import VOB Files to DVD Creator

So you have downloaded DVD Creator according to your OS. Install and launch it to add VOB files to the program. You may either do this by click on “Import” button or drag-drop VOB files.



Customize DVD Project (Optional)

By using DVD Creator, you can do a few things to personalize your DVD movies. By clicking “Menu” button you can select and customize the DVD menus. By clicking “Edit” button you can crop, trim, add watermark, plug in subtitles or adjust video effects to edit your video files. Alternatively, you may select No menu to go to next step.


Burn VOB to DVD

Now you should be done with all settings, now you may click on “Preview” button to have a look at how you DVD will look like. If you are sure about this then click on “Burn” button to start the burning process. (Make sure you have inserted a DVD disc into your computer drive.)

Once the burning task is completed, you may watch the DVD on your DVD player hooked to TV. DVD Creator is also able to convert and burn any other videos files to DVD easily.



1. More Explanations on Burning VOB to DVD
Basically, in terms of burning VOB to DVD, there are two kinds of different situations:
a. The first one is to burn pure (single) VOB files to DVD disc without extra IFO and BUP files. If this is the case, you can just follow above step-by-step guide to burn DVD.
b. The other situation you might talk about is to burn DVD Folder (contains VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder) which includes VOB files. DVD Folder is copied from a DVD disc. To burn DVD Folder to DVD disc, you may use DVD Copy.


2. Burn VOB to DVD on Mac
As we mentioned above, converting VOB to DVD on Mac can be easily done with DVD Creator for Mac. Just download and install the program, and follow the on-screen wizard: Add, edit, burn.


3. Converting VOB Files
If you want to convert VOB file to AVI or any other video/audio format, Video Converter is a great tool to do that.


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