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How to burn Torrent movies to DVD to play on TV?

“How to burn Torrent to DVD to play on TV? I have tried this about 4 times and each time it won’t play in my DVD player or XBOX. I don’t get it. I have DVD-R which is totally supported by my DVD player. Is it because of the movie file format I downloaded from torrent site? Anyway, how can I convert and burn Torrent movies to DVD which can be played on my home DVD player? Thanks!”


There are a couple of possibilities that caused the burnt torrent DVD can’t be read by DVD player.
a. For data DVD disc: Depending on the format it was put up on the web, torrent movie may come with extension like AVI, MPEG, MKV, etc. If you are making a data disc, make sure your DVD player supports playing these types of files directly. If so, you can drag torrent movies to DVD disc. Otherwise, the DVD disc can’t be played on your home DVD player, and you may refer to possibility b.

b. For video DVD disc: To ensure the burnt DVD play on TV, the best choice is to make a video DVD disc which can be recognized by all normal DVD players. To do this, you need a DVD authoring software which is able to encode torrent movie to DVD MPEG-2 format.


DVD Creator serves as one of the best and most reliable torrent to DVD converter which has the capability to burn almost any types torrent videos to DVD successfully. Now you don’t have to convert a movie downloaded as a torrent into a format that can be burnt on a DVD. With DVD Creator, you can burn the torrent file to DVD directly thus saving your time and efforts.


Check out the step-by-step guide below to learn how to easily convert and burn Torrent movies to DVD for playback on TV. (If you are running Mac OS, you can always use DVD Creator for Mac to burn Torrent to DVD on Mac, including Snow Leopard and Lion.)


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Step-by-step Guide to Burn Torrent to DVD with Torrent to DVD Burner


Download and Install DVD Creator

To burn Torrent to DVD on Mac/Windows, just download Torrent to DVD Creator according to your OS, and install it.


Import Torrent Movies

Now run DVD Creator and click on Source button which enables you to find and import your targeted torrent movies to the program. Alternatively, simply drag & drop your files to the tool. You can add multiple movies at a time to fit a DVD disc. Both DVD-5 and DVD-9 are supported.



Select and Customize DVD Menu (Optional)

If you want to make a real cool DVD disc, you may use the feature of DVD menu. You can choose from the various delicate built-in DVD menus or customize your own one. Alternatively, you may select No menu to go to next step.


Convert Torrents to DVD

Click on Preview button and you will see how your DVD disc will look like. Ready? Click on Burn button and get started the torrent to DVD burning process. (Make sure you have inserted a DVD disc into your computer drive. Check out DVD format knowledge.)

Once the task is done, you can play the DVD disc on your home DVD player sharing with your families and friends. Have fun.



Burn Torrent to DVD on Mac
As we mentioned above, converting Torrent to DVD on Mac can be easily done with DVD Creator for Mac. Just download and install the program, and follow the on-screen wizard: Add, edit, burn.


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