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How to convert/transfer/record VHS to DVD effectively?

How to can I copy and convert VHS to DVD? I have some old VHS tapes which I'd like to copy onto DVD disc. I'm not sure about how to do it. So how do you transfer VHS to DVD? Do I need any particular software? What equipment do I need to transfer VHS to DVD? Well, there are several methods for converting VHS to DVD. And you can do this all by yourself at home. Check out details below:


1. Convert VHS to DVD with DVD Recorder: You can buy a DVD recorder and hook it up to your existing VHS DVD player with its supplied composite stereo cables, which are yellow, red and white. Insert your recordable DVD disc into the drive and start recording VHS movies to DVD disc.


2. Transfer VHS to DVD with Digital Camcorder: If you have a digital video camcorder, you can use it as an intermediary to convert your VHS tapes to a DVD format. You'll need to hook your VCR up to your camcorder using composite video cables (the red, white and yellow cables). Attach these cables to your VCR's video out port and to the video in port on your camcorder. You can then transfer that data to a DVD by connecting your camcorder to your computer or DVD burner.


3. Copy VHS to DVD with your Computer: The cheapest and easy way, assuming that you have a DVD burner in your computer would be to buy a USB video capture device that you can connect to the video out of your VCR. Record the VHS movies and save them onto your computer, by doing this, you can convert the signal from analog to the digital format. Then you can burn the movie to your DVD drive (disc).


How to convert and burn VHS movies to DVD disc on Mac/Windows?


Suppose you have successfully captured the VHS movies onto your computer's drive. Now you will need a DVD burning program to finalize the videos to DVD disc so that you can play the DVD on all standalone DVD players. DVD Creator is recommended which is able to convert & burn any videos to DVD disc easily and effectively. We also provide DVD Creator for Mac which helps you do the burning task on Mac OS X, including Snow Leopard and Lion. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to convert old VHS movies to DVD format.


Download and Install VHS to DVD Converter

Before getting started, you may click the link below to download either DVD Creator or DVD Creator for Mac and install it onto your computer. Both programs are extremely easy to use and let you burn DVDs with amazing quality.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version





Load VHS Movies to the Software

Launch the program and click on "Import" button under "Source" tab to locate your captured VHS movies and add them into the program. The successfully imported files will appear as thumbnails on the left panel. You can view the videos on the right windows which is a built-in video player.



Customize DVD Movie Project (Optional)

Then you can click on "Menu" button where you can personalize the DVD movies by choosing yourself one of your favorite DVD menu styles from the various built-in templates. Also, you can edit videos before burning. What you can do includes: Cropping, trimming, adjusting video effects, etc.


Convert VHS Videos to DVD

Then hit on "Preview" button to have a quick look at how your DVD movie will be. Then click on "Burn" button to start burning movies from old VHS tapes to DVD disc. (Remember insert a blank recordable DVD disc into your DVD drive.)

That's it. Now you have successfully converted VHS to DVD by using DVD Creator. Now you can watch the DVD movies onto your home DVD player with families and friends. ut requiring extra codecs.


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