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How to convert videos to DVD effectively?

Why convert video to DVD?
There are many reasons why we need to convert video files to DVD disc:
- Enjoy favorite videos on home DVD player and TV.
- Backup happy moment for long-term storage.
- Free up disc space for more files.
- Share your great times with families and friends.
- Even more.



Converting videos to DVD is a simple process. As long as you get these items ready, you are good to burn DVDs:
- Blank DVD Disc: DVD-R is the most popular format, check out DVD Format Knowledge.
- DVD Burner: Also known as recordable DVD Drive. Most PC's these days have DVD drives that are able to read and write to DVD, check your tech specs if you are not sure. (What is a DVD burner and why do I need one?)
- DVD Burning Tool: Check if you have DVD burning software pre-installed on your computer. If not, you will need to download and install a third party DVD burning program in order to convert video files to DVD.


There are many good DVD burning programs out there. Among them, we would like to recommend DVD Creator. For those not familiar with this tool, let me have a brief introduction: DVD Creator is able to convert and burn DVDs from almost any video formats/photo files then you can enjoy them on home DVD players. It lets you create DVD menus and edit videos. All kinds of DVD format supported. The step by step guide below describes how to convert videos to DVD disc using DVD Creator.


Step-by-step Guide: How to convert video to DVD effectively?

(Note: This step by step guide tells how to convert videos to DVD on Windows with DVD Creator. If you want to convert and burn videos to DVD on Mac, you may use DVD Creator for Mac, the steps are pretty much the same.)



Download DVD Creator

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version





Add Input Video File(s)

Click the Import button to select input video files you want to convert to DVD. The size bar at the bottom indicates used/total space which the video files you’ve imported occupies on a DVD disc.



Edit Videos and Photo Slideshow (Optional)

DVD Creator lets you edit video and photos to personalize your project. Move your mouse click over any video/photo file you want to edit, there will be a pen icon which you can click to get a new editing window. (Note: This is an optional step, if you don’t want to edit video and photos, please go directly to the next step.)


Customize DVD Menu Styles (Optional)

To make a real personalized DVD disc, sure you don’t wanna miss many various DVD menus built-in DVD Creator. Click on Menu button and you can do lots of things here: customize background image, music, add text, etc.


Note: This is an optional step, if you don’t want to customize DVD menus, please go directly to the next step.


Convert Video to DVD

Then click on Burn tab you will see the burn Windows where you can do the final settings: Name your DVD, number the copies, select a DVD burner and select the output: DVD disc, DVD folder, or ISO file. To convert video to DVD for playback on home DVD player, insert a blank DVD disc into your DVD Drive and finally click on Burn button.

Once the burning process is done, the DVD disc will be ejected automatically and the DVD is ready to be played on home DVD player. Enjoy!


So, you have just learned how to convert videos to DVD with fast speed and super quality. With Aimersoft DVD Creator, you don’t have to convert videos yourself because this tool will take care of everything. In just a few clicks, you can convert videos to DVD with only one program. Go and give it a try. (For detailed guide on how to use DVD Creator, click here.)


Tips: Convert Vidoes to DVD on Mac
As we mentioned above, converting videos to DVD on Mac can be easily done with DVD Creator for Mac. Just download and install the program, and follow the on-screen wizard: Add, edit, burn.


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