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How to convert videos from MP4 to WMV format?

How can I convert MP4 to WMV format? I have a video in an MP4 format which is 2 GB. It plays perfectly though iTunes and on my phone. However, I want to play around with it in Windows Movie Maker but am failing to convert it to a video format (WMV I suppose) which is compatible. Any professional MP4 to WMV Converter that works? Thanks!


MP4 (Also known as MPEG-4) is the most popular file type we may encounter everywhere from online videos to camera movies. Though popular as it is, MP4 videos still cannot be played on many media players or devices, such as Windows Movie Maker. In this case, you will have to convert MP4 videos to WMV or other compatible formats for your media player. If you want to convert MP4(MPEG4) to WMV for free, you can check out the freeware Format Factory. Alternatively, you can check out our Video Converter that is able to convert any video between different videos. There are only three clicks needed to get the job done. Follow the step-by-step guide below and you will know how to quickly change MP4 files to WMV format with this professional MP4 to WMV Converter application.



Download and install MP4 Converter for WMV

OK, to get started, click the link blew to download this special software designed for converting MP4 videos to WMV. There are both Windows and Mac versions available. If you want to convert MP4 to WMV on Mac, get Video Converter for Mac.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Load MP4/MPEG-4 Files

Once you've opened the software, you will see an icon like "+". Click on it you will be led to the file folder of your MP4 files. Choose those you want to convert and import them into the application. You may add multiple pieces and convert them in batches to save your time. Besides, you can preview the imported file with the built-in video player on the right.



Select WMV Output Format

Remember the file format you want the MP4 files to be? OK, click on "Profile" button and this will list a drop-down menu. Here you are able to choose any file format according to your need. Take WMV as an example, go to "Common Video" and select "WMV". Alternatively, you can choose the device that you want to put the videos on as the output directly.

convert mp4 to wmv


Start Converting MP4 to WMV

Done with those steps, now you may hit on "Start" button and now this program will begin the MP4 WMV video conversion task.

You won't have to worry about anything. The tool will deal with everything from here and let you know once completed. Then you can press on "Find Target" button and open the folder of the converted MP4 videos which are now in WMV format. Now you can use the file as you want. Have fun.



With best video converting app, if there is any need, you can even customize the MP4 files by editing. Click the button like a scissors and a new window will pop up where you do some editing to your videos. Here you can do a few things: clip, crop, adjust effects, add watermarks, etc.