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How to convert & stream torrent videos to Xbox 360?

How to I convert & stream torrent movies to Xbox 360? Okay, so I have downloaded some movies using torrent client (Bit Torrent) and they are in MKV/MOD format. However, when I transferred them onto my Xbox 360, they don't show up. Does it support these containers? They play absolutely fine on my computer, so I figure I need to convert the torrent files in order to put them onto my Xbox 360? Any suggestions?


Unfortunately, Xbox 360 can only recognize some certain containers (formats) which include AVI, H.264, MP4 (MPEG-4), WMV and MOV. For many other videos you want to watch on Xbox 360, I'm afraid you will have to convert them to one of these Xbox 360 compatible file types. In terms of torrent files, you may encounter various kinds of file formats. You'll never know what the file format will be and you cannot always look for the specific format movies to download. Lucikly, we have Video Converter to help you. So what we are gonna use in this tutorial is this Video Converter which allows you to convert torrent videos to Xbox 360 supported files in an extremely way. Ok, below is the step-by-step guide and check it out.


How to Successfully Download/Stream Torrent Movies to Xbox 360?


Download Torrent to Xbox 360 Converter

Video Converter and Video Converter for Mac serve as the best Torrent Movies to Xbox 360 Converter for Windows and Mac OX respectively. Now you can click the link below to download the software and follow the guide to install it on your hard drive.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Import Torrent Movies/Video Files

Then you can hit on "+" icon or "File" menu to locate where you downloaded and saved your torrent files. Select those you wish to put on Xbox 360 and add them into the program. As the left listed the files, the right lets you preview the loaded files.



Choose Output Format for Xbox 360

OK, if you click on the "Profile" button or the device icon right next to the added file thumbnail, you can come to the full list of file formats supported by Video Converter. By going to "Game Hardware", you can select Xbox 360 as the output file format directly.



Convert Torrent Movies for Xbox 360

You're almost there. Now you may simply hit on "Start" button and this application will get started converting torrent videos to Xbox 360 compatible file formats at once.

Then it will take several minutes till the conversion to be completed. After that, you will receive a message on the interface. Then click on "Find Target" button and there you go the converted video files. Now you may connect your device to the computer and start transferring torrent files onto Xbox 360 for enjoying. Have fun.



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2. Convert Torrent Files for Xbox 360 on Mac
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