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How to download & convert Vuze for Samsung Galaxy S5?

How to add Vuze movies to Galaxy S5? Well, I have downloaded some movies on Vuze and I was wondering is it possible to put them onto my new Samsung S5. I am asking because I have tried to add some Vuze files to the phone but it doesn't work. Do I need to convert them first? If so, what would be a good program to use? Thanks.


Many people find it's a little bit difficult for them to watch Vuze movies on Galaxy S5. The facts are just the opposite. The hard part may lie on the file format of the videos that downloaded from Vuze client. Due to the limits of various reasons, the new S5 as well as many other devices will only be able to play a couple of file formats, such as MP5. Many other videos like MKV, AVCHD, DivX, and so on won't be recognized directly by your smartphone. In order to watch any Vuze files on Samsung Galaxy S5, you will need to convert your downloaded videos first.


Indeed, Vuze is a wonderful torrent client for people to download all sorts of movies, TV seasons, music. However, currently there is only Vuze for pc. So to speak, if you are looking for Vuze for Galaxy S5 app, there isn't. Hopefully there will be an Android app soon. Basically, what we are going to talk about here is how to convert & sync downloaded Vuze movies onto Galaxy S5. Of course, this process needs to done on your computer. Below is the step-by-step instruction on how to use the best Vuze to Galaxy S5 Video Converter for watching any files on your phone. Keep reading.


How to convert & copy Vuze videos onto Galaxy S5 on Mac/Windows?


Download Vuze to Galaxy S5 Converter

First of all, you may want to install a professional video converting software on your computer. What we use here is Video Converter (Video Converter for Mac) which is able to convert Vuze and many other files to Samsung or whatever file format you want. Click the link below to download the app and get it installed on your computer.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Add Vuze Movies

Open the tool, hit on "+" button, in the pop-up window, you may go to the file folder where you have put the downloaded Vuze videos. Choose those you'd like to watch on the Samsung S5 and import them into the program. Or, you can simply do this by dragging & dropping. After that, the loaded files will be listed on the main panel. The batches conversion ability allows you to import multiple files to convert them at the same time.



Choose Galaxy S5 Output

If you have looked at the specification of Samsung Galaxy S5, you may know it supports videos files in MP4 and a couple of other file formats. Here we would recommend MP4 which delivers better quality with smaller size. So, you may click on "Profile" button, go to "Common Video" and there you can select "MP4" as the output format. Alternatively, you can simply choose the phone under "Samsung" directly. Either option will get you S5 compatible Vuze movies.



Converting Vuze for Galaxy S5

Done with all settings, here you may simply press on "Start" button and this smart software will now start converting downloaded Vuze movies/TV shows into S5 supported videos.

This tool will convert videos in fast speed with amazing quality. Once the task is completed, you can click on "Find Target" button and there you go the converted Samsung compatible Vuze files. Now you may attach your phone to the computer and start transferring Vuze movies to Galaxy S5 for enjoying. Have fun. Learn more about this powerful Vuze Converter for Galaxy S5.