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How to convert & put Vuze movies onto iPhone, iPhone 4/4S?

How do I get music/movies from Vuze onto iPhone 4S? So I want to put the songs and videos I downloaded from Vuze onto my iPhone for enjoying. I've managed to get them onto my iTunes but whenevrer I try to sync them onto my iPhone, it doesn't work. How do I fix this so I am able to transfer Vuze movies to iPhone for playback? Thanks!


Actually there are two methods which let you watch Vuze movies on iPhone successfully. We are going to discuss them one by one in the following guide.


Part 1 Transfer Vuze Movies to iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4, 4S) by Using Vuze


The first way and probably most Vuze users that have been using is to stream Vuze files onto devices by the client itself. Only 3 steps are requird by doing this:

1. Open Vuze, and click on the devices "Turn On" button to install a free plug-in enabling Vuze to transfer files onto your iPhone, iPad, etc.

2. Then you may simply drag-and-drop videos from your Vuze Library (or anywhere on your computer) to the device of your choice in your Sidebar.

3. After that, you can play Vuze movies on your iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, etc.


Part 2 Convert Vuze Movies to iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4, 4S) by Using Video Converter


The other way to watch Vuze videos on your device is to use a much more professional program called Video Converter. This special Vuze to iPhone Converter is able to convert any Vuze downloaded movies, TV shows and videos to iPhone compatible formats. Here's the step-by-step guide that you may follow to get Vuze files onto iPhone device.


Download Vuze to iPhone Converter

The first step to go is to click the link below and download Video Converter or Video Converter for Mac and install it onto your computer. It's 100% save, clean and virus-free.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Add Movie Files from Vuze

Now open the program, find where your Vuze downloaded files are and drag them into the software. You can add multiple pieces to get them converted in batches at a time.



Select Output Format for iPhone

Then you will need to choose a format that works on iPhone. By clicking on "Profile" button and you can see the list covering all file types and devices. You may either choose MP4 which is perfect for iPhone or your specific iPhone device as the output format directly.



Convert Vuze Videos to iPhone/iPhone 4S

Now assume you have finished the above settings, now you can click on "Start" button on the corner of the interface to get started converting Vuze movies to iPhone format.

Now you can relax and let the program take care of everything. Once the conversion task is done, click on "Find Target" button and you can get the results. After that, open iTunes and drag these files into the library and sync Vuze movies to iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, etc. Have fun.