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How to convert & play Vuze movies on Nokia Lumia 1020?

How to convert & add Vuze movies onto Lumia 1020? Well, I have a Nokia 1020 phone and I'd love to transfer some videos onto it to enjoy on the go. The thing is I use Vuze client to download my favorite movies and TV seasons. What's the step to move them onto my phone? Thanks.

convert vuze videos to lumia 1020


Actually, Vuze itself is able to stream movies to devices. You can simply drag-and-drop any media on your desktop to transfer and convert video to iPhone or the device of your choice. However, when you are about to do it, you will find Windows Phone is not supported by Vuze currently. Also, there are various file formats concerning Vuze downloaded videos, not all of them can be played on the Nokia directly. Then how about playing Vuze on 1020? Converting Vuze to Lumia 1020 format is a good solution for you.


Here we highly recommend Video Converter which is a fast and user-friendly Vuze video converting software. It is able to convert videos to all popular formats, including Lumia 1020 supported MP4. Also, it supports converting files to playback on Lumia, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle Fire, Galaxy S5/S4, Galaxy Note, HTC, Moto, you name it. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to easily convert downloaded Vuze files onto Nokia Lumia 1020 for playing. Read on.



Install Vuze Converter for Lumia 1020

Assume you haven't done this yet, here you may click the link below to download and install this professional Vuze to Lumia 1020 Converter. We also provide Video Converter for Mac for Mac users to convert Vuze videos on Mac OS X. Once installed, you may launch it on your computer.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Add Vuze Movies/Videos

On the screen of the app, click on "+" button on the top menu, go to the file folder where you have put the downloaded Vuze files. Select those you want to add onto your 1020 phone and import them into the software. Or, you can directly drag and drop your source video files to the Vuze Converter app. What's more, it has the ability of batch conversions, which means you can import several videos into the application to convert at a time.



Choose Lumia 1020 Output

If you are not sure about the file format that can be played on your phone, you may visit the official site of Nokia Lumia 1020 for specifications. Anyway, MP4 is the most popular format widely used online and offline. So, here you may hit on "Profile" button, go to "Common Video" and there you may select "MP4" as the output. As you can see, this tool is able to convert Vuze movies into whatever file format or multimedia device you have.



Converting Vuze for Lumia 1020

You can simply click on "Start" button and let this app finish the Vuze to Lumia 1020 video conversion task automatically.

You need to wait for a few minutes till the end of the conversion process. After that, you can get the converted videos by hitting on "Find Target" button. They are now compatible with your smart phone. Connect your phone to the computer and transfer these Vuze movies onto your Lumia 1020 for enjoying. Have fun. Learn more about this powerful Vuze Video to Lumia 1020 Converter.