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How to take/transfer/get movies from Vuze onto PSP?

How do you take and transfer movies/videos from Vuze to PSP? How do you do that? So I downloaded movies and videos from Vuze and I used to watch them on my computer. Now I got this PSP device and I was wondering how can I movie and add Vuze movies onto PSP so I can watch movies wherever I want. Can someone give programs that will transfer, or step by step instructions on how to exactly download and convert Vuze files onto PSP (PSP Go)?


The PlayStation Portable (プレイステーション・ポータブル (Pureisutēshon Pōtaburu, officially abbreviated PSP) is a handheld game console manufactured and marketed by Sony Corporation. If you have checked out the specs of PlayStation Portable, you may have noticed that PSP only supports a certain of the MP4 codec for videos. So to speak, you will need to use a progtam like Vuze or PSP Video 9 to convert your Vuze downloaded video files and then transfer them to your PSP. The above mentioned programs are free ways to convert Vuze to PSP. Here we would recommend a much more professional software called Video Converter. By using this application, you can easily convert and get your Vuze downloads from Vuze to work on PSP. Now you may want to read the full guide below and start doing it all by yourself.


How to Freely Convert/Transfer/Add Vuze Movie Files onto PSP?


Download Vuze to PSP Converter

As we said, Video Converter is the best and most powerful Vuze to PSP Converter which lets you convert any types of movies to PSP friendly formats. We also have Video Converter for Mac if you are running a Mac computer. OK, download and install the program by clicking one of the links below.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Import Vuze Movie/TV Show Files

While you launched the program, on the top panel, you can see an icon like "+". Click on it and this may lead your way to the folder of your Vuze downloaded files. You may choose those on your mind and open them into this software. Then they will be listed right on the main panel. Oh, this program comes a video player which lets you preview the videos by the right.



Select Output Format for PSP

OK, to choose the right format for your PSP, simply click on "Profile" button. Or, you see there is a device icon next to the video thumbnail? You can also click on it and then from the format list choose your desired output format. You can either select MP4 or PSP the device directly as the output. Both options can be supported to watch Vuze movies on PSP.



Convert Vuze Movies for PSP

Since everything is set, hit on "Start" button on the program and it will start converting Vuze files to PSP compatible format right away and in super-fast speed.

Well, once the video conversion is done. Hook your PSP up to your computer and then click on "Find Target" button on the program and copy these Vuze videos to your PSP. Done. That's it. Now you can enjoy your favorite movies anytime and anywhere. Have fun.



1. More on Video Converter:
If you need more than converting, this Video Converting Program can also convert any videos to PSP Go, PS3, PS Vita, Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Nook Tablet, MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, MKV, and even more. Moreover, you can edit videos with the built-in video editor, like cropping, trimming, adjusting video effects, etc.


2. Convert Vuze Videos for PSP on Mac
As to convert videos on Mac computer, check out specially designed Mac Video Converter which is as easy as 1-2-3: Add, import and convert.