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How to transfer and import Flip video to iMovie?

How do I import clips from my Flip onto iMovie? So I got the Flip MinoHD camera and when I try to import video shot by it to the iMovie it would say it had trouble importing the videos and it didn't successfully import them. How would I be able to transfer videos on my flip video to iMovie?


The pocket-sized Flip Video Camera is a great video recorder that you can shoot videos of your life. It lets you connect to computers and other devices to share your videos easily. Unfortunately, if you are a Mac user, when you were trying to import Flip videos into iMovie, you may discover that Flip videos are not compatible with iMovie. However, to convert Flip camera videos to MP4 or MOV you can successfully import them onto iMovie for editing. Here we include the step-by-step guide on how to convert and import Flip videos to iMovie in a few clicks.


Step-by-step Guide on Importing Flip Video to iMovie for Editing


Download Flip to iMovie Converter

What we’re gonna use is Video Converter for Mac which is specially designed for Mac users to convert any videos on Mac OS. By using it, you can easily convert and get Flip Videos onto iMovie.


Download Mac Version






Add Flip Videos

If you haven’t upload Flip video footage to your Mac, connect your camera to your Mac with USB cord, select the video files in the Flip video folder and drag them onto your desktop. After that, launch this Flip to iMovie converter you just have installed. Select “File” -> “Add Video Files” to import the Flip videos into the program.



Select Output Format

Then you will need to choose an output format that is accepted by iMovie. Video Converter for Mac makes things much easier. If you were not sure about what types of formats can be understood by iMovie, you may simply select iMovie as the format. The default setting is optimized for iMovie so you don’t have to worry about anything.



Convert Video to iMovie

By now, you should be ready for the final conversion task. OK, click on “Start” button and the converting task is now under process. Video Converter for Mac supports conversion on Mac OS X, Snow Leopard and Lion.

Now you can do something else and when you come back, the conversion should be done. Then Open iMovie and select the converted video files and import them into iMovie for editing. If you have other videos that aren’t compatible with iMovie, use the help of Video Converter for Mac. iMovie '11, iMovie '09, iMovie '08 and iMovie HD are all supported.


1. Video Converter for Mac is capable of editing videos. If you want to edit videos before converting, click the button like a scissors and a new window will pop up where you do some editing to your videos. Here you can do a few things: clip, crop, adjust effects, add watermarks, etc.

2. If you want to combine several files into one single file, click in the box before “Merge into One file” and you will get one file when the conversion is done.

3. If you have QuickTime Pro, there is no need to download third-party software, because the video can be translated using the "Export" function of that program.