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How to convert/put any videos onto Kindle Fire?

How do I convert & put videos onto Kindle Fire? So I'm planning on getting a Kindle Fire because I found it's really great and affordable. I have many movies, videos and music saved on my computer, I was wondering how I can get these stuff onto Amazon Kindle for playback? Do I need a special program for converting videos to Kindle Fire? Thanks.


Since launched, Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire tablet has received a warm welcome. With this outstanding tablet, you can watch movies and TV shows as many as you want. There are three video sources you may have: Amazon's video store, iTunes store, and local movies. Well, get local videos/movies saved on your computer on Kindle fire is much easier that you think. This article is going to show you how to add your own movies on your hard drive onto Kindle Fire for playback on the go.


How to Easily Convert & Add Videos/Movies to Kindle Fire?


Download Kindle Fire Video Converter

Well, to successfully watch & play videos, movies and TV shows on Kindle Fire, you will need to make your videos compatible with the Kindle tablet. To do this, you will need a program. Here we would recommend Video Converter which is able to convert videos for Kindle Fire easily. So first of all, download, install and run it on your computer.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Add Video/Movie Files

On the interface, you may see the "+" button, click on it. This will guide you to locate the folder of your local video and movie files, select and add them into the program. Video Converter for Kindle Fire is able to deal batches conversion, so you may add multiple pieces as once.



Select Output Format

Now you may want to choose an output format which is compatible with Kindle Fire. If you have looked at the specs of Kindle, you may found that is supports video playback in MP4 formats. OK, so we click on "Profile" button, from this output list you may select MP4.



Convert Videos for Kindle Fire

After that, you can hit on "Start" button and the program will start converting video and movie files to Kindle Fire supported formats.

Once done, click on "Find Target" button and there your converted files are. Now you may connect the Kindle Fire with your computer through a micro-USB cable and start transferring videos onto it. Then you can locate them once they're on your tablet (hint: they're not in the Video menu, select Apps to watch videos.). Have fun.



1. More Features You May Be Interested In:
Apart from converting video files, you may also use Video Converter to convert music files to Kindle Fire friendly formats. Besides, the software also lets you edit videos by cropping, trimming, etc.


2. Convert Videos to Kindle Fire on Mac
The step-by-step guide above explains how to convert videos to Kindle Fire on Windows. If you wish to convert Video files to play on Kindle Fire on Mac OS, you may use our professional Mac Video Converter. It's pretty easy to do in just three clicks: Add, import and convert.


3. Put iTunes onto Kindle Fire
Please note that all movies and TV shows purchased from iTunes are DRM protected. They don't work on Kindle Fire or any non-Apple device until you removed the protection. For these protected files, you may use DRM Media Converter to convert & put iTunes movies onto Kindle Fire.