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How to download & convert any videos to Nokia Lumia 1020?

Is it possible to download any videos onto Nokia Lumia 1020 for watching? Nokia Lumia 1020 takes outstanding photos/videos (41 MP camera) but it is a higher-end smartphone. If you want to take really clear photos/video, you will likely need a higher-end phone. Also, with the high-resolution display, it's great to view videos, movies and TV shows on the go.



While it's easy to record videos with Nokia Lumia 1020, what if you want to convert videos to Lumia 1020 for playing? Remember if you just copy & paste you video files onto the phone, you may not be able to get them playing successfully. There are various video sources covering many different file formats, most of them cannot be recognized by the Nokia 1020 directly. According to Nokia's specifications, Lumia 1020 only supports MP4 and a couple of other file types of videos. You cannot even watch some certain MP4 format movies depending on how they encoded. That's why we think you may find this step-by-step instruction useful.


Basically, what we do is to convert you videos into a Lumia 1020 compatible file type and then you will have no problem in playing videos on Nokia 1020. Currently, there is no such Lumia 1020 Video Converter app on the phone, so we'll need to get this done on a computer. What we use here is Video Converter which has been serving as the best & most professional software for converting any videos into Nokia 1020 playable files. How does it work? Let's find out the simple steps below.


How to convert/add/put videos/movies onto Nokia Lumia 1020?


Download Video Converter for Lumia 1020

Guess you haven't done so, you may click the link below to download this smart Video to Lumia 1020 Converter and get it installed on your computer. Here we provide you both Mac (Video Converter for Mac) and Windows versions. According to your specific operating system, you may choose the suitable one. Once installed, you may launch the program to get started.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Load Videos/Movies/TV Shows

Here you may hit on "Add+" button on the menu bar, a window will pop up where you can go and locate your source videos, movies, TV episodes or any other video sources. Choose those you want to transfer onto the Lumia 1020 and add them into the application. This powerful software allows you to convert videos in batches. Once added files, you may see the interface as below:



Choose Lumia 1020 Output Format

Remember we talked about the Nokia supported file formats. MP4 is the most commonly used file type which can be played on Lumia 1020 and many other portable devices. So here we would recommend MP4 output. You may click on "Profile" button, move to "Common Video" and there you can select "MP4" as the output format for Lumia 1020. As you can see, this tool allows you to choose your specific device directly as the output.



Converting Videos for Lumia 1020

By now, you have done all necessary settings needed for the Lumia 1020 video conversion task. When you ready, you may simply press on "Start" button and this app will now start converting any video files into Nokia 1020 readable videos.

Don't worry, this tool will get the job done in fast speed and amazing quality. Once completed, you may click on "Find Target" button and there the converted Nokia compatible videos are. Now you can connect your phone to the computer and transfer/put videos onto Lumia 1020 for enjoying. Have fun. Learn more about this wonderful Video Converter for Lumia 1020.