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How to convert and enjoy any video files on Nexus Tablet?

How to convert videos to Nexus Tablet for playing? So you have this awesome Google Nexus Tablet pc and you have a bunch of movies saved on your hard disk which you want to watch on the device. Now the solution we need to figure out is how are we going to play your movies on Nexus Tablet? What is the best Nexus Tablet Video Converter that is able to do it quickly, easily and effectively?


Well, in order to watch your video files on Nexus Tablet, you will need to make sure the files are compatible with it. And what's that? Check out its specifications and you are gonna know the formats it supports. Then you are going to get yourself a program to have the job done. If you don't have a software yet, Video Converter is a professional converter specially designed for Nexus Tablet which lets you convert AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, MPEG, MPEG4, FLV, M2TS, TS, as well as many other video formats to Nexus Tablet. If you follow the step-by-step guide below and you will have full command of your devices. Read on.


How to Easily Convert & Get Videos/Movies onto Nexus Tablet?


Download Nexus Tablet Video Converter

As Video Converter being the best program for converting video files to Nexus Tablet on Windows platform, you may use Video Converter for Mac to do the conversion on Mac OS X, including Snow Leopard and Lion. Both programs are extremely easy to use without any extra techniques required.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Add Video/Movie Files

Open Video Converter, click on "+" button to browse your local folder and choose the movie file you want to convert and click on "Open" to import them into the converter. You should see the successfully added file on the main panel.



Customize Output Format

Then, you need to choose which type of output format you want for your Nexus Tablet. For example, the device accepts MP4 format file, by either clicking on "Profile" button on the lower tool panel or the device icon next to the listed video file, you may select MP4. To convert videos to other devices or formats, just choose accordingly.



Convert Videos for Nexus Tablet

After that, click on "Convert" button to start converting videos to Nexus Tablet compatible formats.

Once done, you may check out the output folder to see the converted files. The default folder is displayed next to "Output" button. You can simply click on "Find Target" button to get them. After you are done, attach your Nexus Tablet to your computer via the USB port and move your video files onto it for playback. Have fun.



1. More Features about Video Converter:
Now you have successfully learned how to use this Video Converter for Nexus Tablet. Also, you may found that Video Converter is able to do video editing. By choosing video editing button, the software lets you crop, trim, etc.


2. Convert Videos to Nexus Tablet on Mac
If you want to convert video files to play on Nexus Tablet on Max OS computer, you may use our professional Mac Video Converter. It's pretty easy to do in just three clicks: Add, import and convert.


3. Put iTunes onto Nexus Tablet
Please note that movies and TV episodes downloaded and purchased from iTunes's store are protected by DRM (Digital Right Management). If you want to get them onto Nexus, please check out guide: How to put iTunes movies/music onto Nexus Tablet?