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How to easily download and play torrent on Xbox One?

How do I download & play torrents on Xbox One? Okay, I have downloaded some of my favorite movies and TV shows through torrent client. Now I would like to watch them on my new Xbox One. Does Xbox One play torrent downloaded movies? Also, is that possible to play Xbox One games downloaded from torrent? Thanks.


How to play torrent Xbox One games?


Yes, it's possible to play torrent downloaded Xbox One games on your console. After you download the file from a torrent, you must then write it to a DVD (that can hold all the info). To do so, you must use a program capable of writing an .ISO or .DVD file to a DVD. You can use ImgBurn or Nero 7. Of course the only way you can play downloaded Xbox games is to have your Xbox One modded/chipped/flashed.


(Please kindly note it's illegal to download games and play them. When you do this, you may get the Xbox One banned. So, it's highly recommended not to do it.)


How to convert and watch torrent movies on Xbox One?


When you downloaded movies via torrent client (uTorrent, Bittorrent, Vuze, etc.), you may want to transfer them onto your Xbox One for watching. How is that? Well, since the console is only able to play some sorts of video formats, most videos downloaded on torrent need to be converted to be played on the Xbox One. Below is the step by step guide on how to easily download and convert torrents to Xbox One compatible videos. Check it out.



Download Torrent to Xbox One Converter

You will need the help of an app to do the video conversion task. What we use here is a professional program called Video Converter (Video Converter for Mac). This software works as a special Torrent Converter for Xbox One which lets you convert any torrent videos into Xbox One supported files. Click the link below and download and install this application your computer.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Load Torrent Movies

Then you may open the software and click on "+" button. This will bring a pop-up window where you can go to the folder of the downloaded torrent files. Choose those you'd like to add on Xbox One and import them into the program. Batches conversion is supported. Once imported, you will see the window as below:



Choose Xbox One Output

Generally speaking, MP4 is one of the file types that can be accepted by the Xbox One. For detailed information, you may refer to its specifications. So here you may want to click on "Profile" button, and go to "Common Video" and from there you may select "MP4" as the output format. Alternatively, you can simply choose Xbox the console as the output directly.



Converting Torrents for Xbox One

Once you are ready, you may simply press on "Start" button and this smart program will now start converting the imported torrent downloaded movies into Xbox One playable files.

The conversion process may take a while depending on how many files you have added. Once done, you can click on "Find Target" button and there you go the converted the torrent videos. Now you can get these torrent movies onto Xbox One for enjoying. Learn more on how to stream videos from PC to Xbox One.