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How to copy DVD to DVD disc for backup?

"How to copy DVD to a blank DVD disc fully? I have collected too many DVD disc with my favorite movies. Yesterday my friends wanna get some and watch them on his home. I agreed, but I worried about the DVD disc would be lost, so I thought it is good idea to make DVD backups and sent to him. But how? Anyone can help me copy DVD movie into blank DVD disc. Thanks very much!"


To backup your DVD movies is not that difficult as you imagined. Although most commercial DVD movies are with region codes and CSS protections, you can actually bypass copy protection and copy protected DVD to new DVD disc for backup. How? The program we will use is DVD Copy which is able to copy DVD (even protected DVDs) in just a few clicks. This tutorial tells you the step by step guide on how to copy copyright protected DVD and backup DVD easily.


Step-by-step Guide: Copy Protected DVD/Backup DVD


Download DVD Copy

Once the download is finished, double click the setup file to install it on your computer. While this tutorial introduces how to copy/backup DVD on Windows, you may check out DVD Copy for Mac to copy protected DVD on Mac.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Select Source DVD

Insert your original DVD disc into your computer drive. Open DVD Copy and click on Source button to select your copy protected DVD.


Note: Although DVD Copy is able to compress DVD9 to DVD5, if your input DVD is a DVD9 disc, it is recommended that you use the double layer DVD for the output to achieve better quality.


Select Output Target

DVD Copy is capable of copying DVD to DVD disc, to DVD Folder or to ISO File. To copy protected DVD to DVD disc, you may select your DVD drive as the output target in Target.


Output type refers to two kinds of DVD format: DVD-9 and DVD-5, select one accordingly. Copy mode includes "Full Movie", "Main Movie" and "Custom Mode" three options to meet your different DVD copy needs. Select "Full Movie" Mode to copy the whole videos from the protected DVD; "Main Movie" for the main movie without any other information; or "Custom Mode" to the exact titles.


Copy Protected DVD

Finished these settings, click on Start button to start the copyright protected DVD burning task. If the source and the target is the same drive, it will prompt you to insert a new disc after copying the source DVD to the temporary folder. If there are two or more drives, you can select one as source and the other as target.


That’s it. Now you can copy and backup all you DVD movies without worrying about losing them.

Tips: For Mac users, please check out Mac DVD Copy copy protected DVDs on Mac.