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How to transfer & put Amazon movies on PS Vita?

"How do I put Amazon movies/music onto PS Vita for playing? Well, I have this Sony PS Vita and I love it. Apart from playing games, I would also want to add some my favorite movies onto it. The thing is I purchased movies, TV shows as well as music from Amazon and I was wondering how I am supposed to do so that I can get movies/music from Amazon to PS Vita. Thanks."


In January 2008 Amazon MP3 became the first music store to sell music without digital rights management (DRM) from the four major music labels. This means that you can simply transfer these Amazon music to your PS Vita for listening. However, there is no luck for Amazon videos. Amazon Instant Video (formerly Amazon Video On Demand) purchased movies, TV shows are DRM protected to stop users from using these media files on any other non-Amazon allowed devices, such as PS Vita. Besides, Amazon protected WMV files cannot be supported by Sony PS Vita. So to speak, if you want to transfer Amazon movies onto PS Vita, you will get two things done: Remove the DRM and Convert WMV to PS Vita compatible file formats.


DRM Media Converter is a professional software that is able to bypass DRM from Amazon or any other protected files and convert DRM protected media to whatever file format you want. Check out the step-by-step guide below and learn how to easily watch Amazon movies on PS Vita.


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There is no other way available to remove DRM restrictions. DRM Converter lets you get rid of DRM protection as well as convert media files to many file formats, including MP4, WMV, AVI, MKV, FLV, MOV, etc. So, the first thing to do is to click the link above to free download this easy-to-use tool and install it onto your hard drive.


How to transfer videos/music from Amazon to PS Vita?


Add Amazon Media Files

Once installed, launch the program. On the tool bar, you may click on "Add" button. By doing this, you can navigate to the folder where you downloaded and stored the Amazon movies and TV shows. Select those you want to watch on PS Vita and click on "Open" to import them into the application. Batches conversion is supported by the software.



Select the Output Format

According to the specifications, Sony PS Vita supports MP4 video format. So you will need to select MP4 as the output format. By click on "Video files to" button you can open the drop-down menu which covers all popular file formats as well as multimedia devices. For MP4 videos, go to "Common Video" and choose "MP4" as the output file format.



Convert Amazon for PS Vita

After all above steps, you should be ready for the final click. By hitting on "Start" button, this smart program will now start removing the DRM as well as converting the Amazon files to PS Vita format.

Wait for a while till the process is finished. After that, you can go to "Find Target" button and there you can see the output results. Now these Amazon movies are DRM free and in PS Vita accepted MP4 format. Then connect your PS Vita to the computer and transfer these Amazon files onto PS Vita for playing. Have fun.


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