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How to Sync iTunes to Android Phones Effectively?

Want to experience the popular Android smart phones? How to sync iTunes to Android phones? iTunes is the most widely used music download service in the United States. Many millions of people have music they've purchased from iTunes. If you are considering switching from iPhone to Android, is that possible to play iTunes videos/music on Android samrtphones?
Short answer: Yes.


There are two different situations considering iTunes music. Before 2009, most tracks in the iTunes music store are DRM protected so that they could only play in iTunes and on iPods/iPhones associated with your iTunes account. But in 2008 Apple began offering music that was not DRM protected, and by April 2009 most songs were DRM free. DRM free music files can be easily moved to your Android phone.


For DRM protected music files and videos (TV shows, music videos and movies from iTunes store are all DRM protected.), they cannot be transferred to any non-Apple device or software for playback without a little work. By using DRM Media Converter you can easily remove the DRM from iTunes and convert iTunes files to your Android format. The step-by-step guide below shows you how to remove DRM protected video/music files from iTunes and sync with Android.


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Step-by-step Guide to Convert iTunes to Android Phone


Add iTunes Music/Video Files

Download this DRM removal softwatre and oprn it. Click Add button on the left top corner to import iTunes DRM files to the application.



Select the Output Format

This iTunes DRM Removal program is able to remove and convert DRM files to whatever video/audio format you want. By clicking on Video files to or Audio files to button to select your Android phone as the output file format.



Remove DRM

Hit on Start button to remove DRM from iTunes video/music files and convert to your Android.


Sync iTunes to Android

Once you’ve remove DRM from iTunes purchased music, you may connect the phone to your computer via USB. Copy music into the Music folder and you'll be good to go, just don't forget eject the mounted storage in Windows or the Mac OS before you disconnect.

The music you've copied over will be available in Android's Music app. Now you can enjoy iTunes music on your Android freely. Have fun.


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