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How to Convert/Sync iTunes to Windows Media Player?

If you want to sync iTunes to Windows Meida Plyaer so that you can liste to iTunes music from Windows Media Player, you will have to convert iTunes to Windows Media Player friendly format. By adding the iTunes directory to Windows Media Player, the two programs will always be in sync. How to do that exactly?


You can use iTunes to convert your music to a format that Windows Media Player can read, like MP3. If the songs are DRM free, then they can be converted easily. Open iTunes and click Edit, Preferences and go to the General tab, change the "Import Using" to "MP3 Encoder", click "Advanced" and then "Create MP3 Version", and your songs should start to convert and depending on how many songs you have in your library, this could take quite some time.


If the songs are DRM protected, you will have to use the help of a DRM removal tool. DRM Media Converter is the best and most reliable program which is able to remove DRM from iTunes music, iTunes videos and more. It also converts media files to any video/audio format you want. Follow the step by step guide below to learn how to transfer iTunes to Windows Media Player.


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Step-by-step Guide to Convert iTunes to Windows Media Player


Add iTunes Music/Video Files

Download this DRM removal softwatre and open it. Click Add button on the left top corner to import DRM protected iTunes music/video files to the application. Imported files will be listed on the main panel.



Select the Output Format

Now you may select your Windows Media Player supported format as the output. For audio files, you may select MP3 as the output format. For video files, you may select WMV as the output format. Or, you may simply choose your portable devices as the output format.


Remove and Convert DRM Files

Everything is ready, hit on Start button to remove DRM from iTunes music/video files and convert the files to Windows Media Player format.


Add iTunes to Windows Media Player

Open Windows Media Player and press F3 or click File, Add to Library. Click OK- Windows Media Player should start to search for songs on your computer and after it has finished the search, you should find the songs from your iTunes Library in your Windows Media Player Library.


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