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How to get songs from iTunes to Windows Movie Maker?

How to put songs from iTunes onto Windows Movie Maker? I bought a song and some TV show episodes on iTunes and I would like to put them onto Windows Movie Maker so I can make video of myself with some of the content and share with my friends. But I have no clue on how to import iTunes music/videos into Windows Movie Maker. Can you help?


First of all, let’s be clear of a fact: If the song/movie is purchased from the iTunes store you need to burn it to CD first to remove the DRM then re import it into iTunes or WMM and then put it in your movie. This part is called DRM removal from iTunes files. Actually, we can use a professional program named DRM Media Converter to remove DRM from iTunes music/video files.


Once you’ve done with DRM removing, here comes the second part called Convert iTunes to Windows Movie Maker files. Remember Windows Movie Maker doesn’t accept any types of format. Basically, WMM takes AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP3 and WMA. So you may want to convert your iTunes songs/movies to one of these formats for editing. Again, we can use DRM Media Converter which can also convert video/audio files. Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to import/put iTunes songs to Windows Movie Maker.


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Step-by-step Guide on Put iTunes to Windows Movie Maker


Add iTunes Files

To get started, download and install DRM Media Converter onto your computer. Launch it and click on Add button to import your iTunes songs/movies to the program. This software supports both audio and video files. You can convert multiple files at once.



Select the Right Output Format

Assume you have understood what kinds of format that Windows Movie Maker supported, now you may select an appropriate format that WMM read. For example, you want to convert iTunes songs to MP3, go to Profile, and select MP3 as the output format.


Start Removal and Conversion

Here comes the last step. Simply click on Start button to remove DRM from iTunes songs/videos and convert iTunes to Windows Movie Maker file format.


Put Files to WMM

Now you got DRM-free and Windows Movie Maker compatible file formats, click on Find Target button to locate the files. Go to Windows Movie Maker and import the files to it for editing.


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