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How to easily transfer iTunes to Android Tablet?

How to put iTunes movies/music to Android tablet? So I got this Samsung Android tablet computer and I am trying to put all my movies/songs from iTunes onto it. They cost me hundreds of dollars and I don't want to pay again. So is there any way I can transfer iTunes stuff onto Android tablet computer?


Many people use iTunes to purchase and download movies and songs, however, iTunes works only on iOS and Windows at the moment. So you cannot get the app working properly onto your Android tablet. Well, you can still watch iTunes content on your tablet computer. If your iTunes media files are DRM free, you can simply connect the tablet to your computer and transfer the iTunes files to your tablet. Just one thing you need to make sure – the file format. Check out your specs to see what types of formats that your android supports and convert iTunes to the appropriate format. Then you'll be good.


Unfortunately, Apple uses DRM protection for all iTunes purchased movies, music videos, TV episodes and songs. If you want to put these iTunes onto Android tablet, you will need a special program. DRM Media Converter lets you remove the DRM protection and then convert iTunes to Android computer accepted formats. After that, you can easily transfer them onto your tablet. Check out how exactly by following the step-by-step guide below.


How to Convert & Put iTunes Movies/Songs onto Android Tablet?


Download Windows Version






Add iTunes Music/Video Files

Before getting started, download, install and launch this professional iTunes to Android Tablet Converter. On the interface, clikc on "Add" button to import your iTunes files into the application. Both videos and songs are aupported by DRM Converter.



Select the Output Format

Then you need to select the right output format for your Android tablet. MP4 videos and MP3 audios are well accepted by Android tablet, you may select them by clicking on "Video files to" or "Audio files to" button. Alternatively, you may select the device you have as the output directly.


Remove DRM and Convert Files

After that, click on "Start" button and now the program will start to removing iTunes DRM and convert them to Android compatible formats.

Once done, connect your tablet to the computer via USB port. Click on "Find Target" button next to "Profile", and put the DRM removed and Android friendly files onto the tablet. Have fun.


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