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How to download & transfer iTunes movies/songs onto Galaxy Note?

How do I get movies/songs from iTunes to Galaxy Note? So I'm thinking about getting the Samsung Galaxy Note and I wanted to know if I can put movies on there. You see, I have purchased many movies and TV shows on iTunes that I would like to have without paying for again. So can I just download & copy them onto Samsung Galaxy Note for playing? Or what am I supposed to do so that I can get the files onto my Galaxy? Thanks!


In terms of iTunes movies, you need to be aware of a face that Apple uses DRM technology on iTunes Store and this prevent you from watching them on non-Apple products. Generally speaking, purchased iTunes movies and TV shows are in M4V format. You cannot play them onto your Galaxy Note directly until you change them into a normal media file. Just choosing an ordinary video converting program will not do. What you need is professional program which could do both DRM-removing and video-converting. DRM Media Converter is absolutely the best and most easy-to-use software that is able to convert iTunes (or any other DRM protected files or normal files) to Samsung Galaxy Note playable files. There are no complicated techniques required, all you need is just three clicks. Check out the step-by-step guide below and learn how to convert/put iTunes movies onto Galaxy Note.


How to download/transfer/get/sync iTunes movies/songs to Galaxy Note?


Download iTunes to Galaxy Note Converter

OK, below is the link you can free download DRM Converter which is specially designed for you to remove iTunes DRM and convert iTunes to Galaxy Note or any other files. Once downloaded, you may follow the on-screen instruction to install it onto your hard drive.


Download Windows Version





Load iTunes Movies/TV Shows

Then, you can click on "Add" button on the screen's tool bar and import your iTunes source movies, TV shows or any other DRM-ed video files into the program. You can add multiple pieces of files and do this in batches. You can highlight a file and preview it in the right window with the built-in video player.



Select Output Format for Galaxy Note

Regard to the file format compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note, you can refer to the specifications of the device. Anyway, MP4 (MPEG-4) is one of the popular formats that can be played on Samsung Galaxy Note. So you may click on "Video files to" button and select "Common Video" and choose "MP4 Video".

itunes to samsung galaxy note format


Start DRM Removal and Conversion

OK, you're almost done. If you hit on "Start" button, and this professional tool will now get started removing DRM protection as well as convert iTunes content to Galaxy Note videos.

Then you are gonna wait for a while till the process be finished. After that, by hitting on "Find Target" button you can find the converted DRM-free iTunes files. Then you can connect your Samsung device to your computer via USB cable and transfer iTunes movies onto Galaxy Note. Have fun.



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