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How to transfer videos/music from Amazon to iTunes?

"Question 1: How to transfer songs from Amazon to iTunes library? I want to get some music from Amazon because they are cheaper than iTunes. Can I buy them & transfer them over to the library on iTunes? "

"Question 2: How to convert TV shows from Amazon to iTunes so that I can put them on my iPod? I just bought a TV show episode on Amazon Unbox and now I was wondering how I can put Amazon videos to iTunes to sync with my iPod. What kind of converter do I need?"


If you have purchased TV shows/movies from Amazon Unbox or download music from Amazon onto your computer you may have found that they can’t be easily transferred to iTunes. That’s because videos/music bought from Amazon have DRM protection so that they will only play on the Amazon player. If you want to transfer Amazon to iTunes format for enjoying on iPod/iPhone/iPad, you may first remove DRM protection and convert Amazon files to iTunes. DRM Media Converter lets you do both which are removing DRM from Amazon files and convert Amazon to iTunes format. Step by step guide below shows how.


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How to transfer videos/music from Amazon to iTunes?


Add Amazon Files

Download, install and open this Media Converter. Then click Add button on the left top corner to import Amazon DRM files to the application. You can add multiple files at a time.



Select the Output Format

To put Amazon files onto iTunes, you need to select an iTunes compatible format. MOV, MP4 are friendly with iTunes. The even better thing is you can select your iPod/iPhone/iPad device as the output format directly. E.g., go to Video files to-> Apple-> iPod.



Remove DRM and Convert Amazon to iTunes

Now you may click on Start button to remove DRM and convert Amazon videos/music to iTunes files. The process will be finished in a several minutes.

Once the conversion is done, you can find the DRM free Amazon files and add them to iTunes to be enjoyed on your iPod/iPhone/iPad. Have fun.


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