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How to easily download Amazon Instant Videos to Mac?

How do I download Amazon Instant Video on Mac computers? I looked everywhere and I couldn't find one. That's why all of the videos we purchase and download only work as WMV but we want to see them in AVI and MP4. Is it even possible to copy Amazon videos onto Mac so I can watch them anytime I want? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



It's very confusing on how the Amazon Instant Video works if you have read the FAQs. Here's what I found on Amazon.com where clearly states as this: " In addition to watching instantly online, you can also download videos from Amazon Instant Video to your Windows PC and watch them with the Unbox Video Player. Note: Downloading to a Mac or a Linux PC is not supported. Downloaded videos can not be transferred to iPods or other devices." Maybe that's why Mac users have the iTunes store instead of Amazon. Seems that there is no way to buy movies, TV shows from Amazon Instant Video and download them to a Mac. Well, it's not quite correct.


There is always a way. If you really need to copy Amazon Instant Video files onto a Mac, you may use the help of a Windows computer. Well, it's a little bit complicated, but it's worth it. Cause Amazon purchased videos, movies, TV episodes are in DRM-protected WMV format which cannot be played directly on the Mac, or iTunes, iPad, iPhone and iPod. What we need to do is to remove Amazon DRM and convert Amazon to Mac compatible format, say MP4. How? Check out the step-by-step guide below and learn how to effectively download Amazon Instant Videos to Mac.


Download Windows Version






How to Download/Convert Amazon Instant Videos into Mac Playable Files?


Download Amazon Video to Mac Converter

Remember we will have to get rid of Amazon protection and convert them into Mac format. What we use here is a professional software called DRM Media Converter which serves as the best DRM removal tool and media converter program. With this application, you can easily remove DRM limits and convert Amazon WMV into Mac or whatever file format you want. Below is the link that you can click on to download and install this Amazon Converter for Mac on your computer. (Note: Since Amazon supports downloading videos to Windows PC only, you will have to do this job on Windows.)


Import Amazon Instant Video

Open the app, click on "Add" button to browse your file folder where you have stored the downloaded Amazon movies/TV shows. Choose those you'd like to watch on a Mac and load them into the application. Once added, you will see the interface as below:



Choose Mac Compatible Format

Generally speaking, MP4 is well accepted by Mac computer, or Apple products, including iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTunes and QuickTime. Here you may click on "Video files to" button to list the hidden menu, and go to "Common Video" and there you may select "MP4" as the output format.



Convert Amazon Files to Mac

Once done with all settings, you may simply press on "Start" button and this software will now start removing DRM as well as converting Amazon Instant Video into a Mac readable type.

Now you may wait for a while till the task is completed. After that, you can get the Amazon videos by clicking on "Find Target" button. Now they are in Mac supported formats. Then you may use a removable media to copy these converted Amazon Instant Videos and download Amazon onto a Mac or an Apple device for enjoying. Have fun. Learn more about this powerful Amazon Instant Video to Mac Converter.


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