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How to watch purchased Amazon movies on Nexus 10?

Is it possible to watch purchased Amazon movies on Nexus 10? Google play is offering a couple movies I want to see for rent, but not for purchase. Amazon has the same movies for purchase for $1-$2 more. Is it possible to view Amazon movies on the Nexus 10? Do I need some kind of software for this purpose? Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, there is no Android app for Amazon Instant Video at the moment. There are many reasons why Amazon has chosen not to do this. One main reason could be Amazon want to promote its own hardware – Kindle Fire. Some users have successfully watching Amazon movies on Nexus 10 tablet side loading flash and using Boat browser in desktop mode. Is there any more efficient way to convert Amazon videos to Nexus 10 for playing?


Well, you can download videos to your computer then transfer to Nexus 10 tablet. How to download a purchased movie from Amazon to your pc and then convert it to a format that can be played on the Google Nexus 10? Since Amazon bought and download movies are in DRM protected WMV format which cannot be played on Android tablets directly. What we need to do first is to figure out how to remove Amazon WMV DRM and convert them to a Nexus 10 compatible type. Don't worry, below is the step-by-step guide that walks you through how to easily download & transfer Amazon Instant Videos onto Nexus 10.


How to download/convert/copy Amazon movies to Nexus 10?


Download Amazon Converter for Nexus 10

In order to remove DRM protection effectively, you will need the help of a professional program. Here we would highly recommend DRM Media Converter which works as the most easy-to-use Amazon to Nexus 10 Converter combing both DRM Converter and Video Converter. With this app, you can easily get downloaded Amazon Instant Videos onto Google Nexus 10 for enjoying. Below is the link you may click on to download the set-up file and then install it on your computer.


Download Windows Version





Import Amazon Videos/Movies/TV Shows

Go to the folder where the downloaded Amazon files are stored, simply drag those which you wish to watch on the Google tablet and drop them into the application. The batches conversion ability lets you add multiple files at a time. Once loaded files, you will see they are listed on the main panel.



Choose Nexus 10 Output Format

If you have checked out the full specifications of the Google tablet, you will know that Nexus 10 supports videos in MP4 format. So here you may hit on "Video files to" button, move to "Common Video" and from there you can select "MP4" as the output format. With this powerful program, you will be able to convert any DRM limited files into whatever file format you want.

amazon to nexus 10 format


Converting Amazon for Nexus 10

When you are ready, you may simply press on "Start" button and this smart app will start removing protections as well as convert Amazon into Nexus 10 supported movies.

Once done, you can click on "Find Target" button and there are the converted DRM-free Amazon videos.


In terms of transferring from your computer to tablet, it's fairly easy and can be done two ways:
1. Via WiFi: If they are both on the same network (may take some time to set that up).
2. Via Cable: Connect your tablet to your computer via the cable. This will let your computer "use" the tablet like an external memory stick. drag and drop converted Amazon files from computer to Nexus 10 tablet.


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