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How to put & play Amazon movies on Surface tablets?

How to download and copy Amazon movies/music to Surface tablets? Microsoft has unveiled Surface - its own-brand family of tablets. The touchscreen computers will be powered by its upcoming Windows 8 system and contain a choice of an Intel or ARM-based processor. If you got one of Surface tablet, how to add movies or music on it?



Suppose you have purchased and downloaded many movies from Amazon store, and now you would like to transfer them onto your Microsoft Surface tablet, how do exactly do that? Though we hate it, Amazon Instant Videos are still protected by DRM restrictions. This is to stop you from enjoy these files on non-Amazon supported devices, such as Surface tablet and iPad. So the first thing is to figure out how to remove this DRM protection and then you will be able to convert Amazon to Surface tablet. By using DRM Media Converter, you can easily and effectively remove Amazon DRM and convert Amazon media files to a format that is compatible with Microsoft Surface tablets. Wondering how? Check out the step-by-step instruction below and get your Amazon movies/songs onto Surface tablets for enjoying.


How to transfer videos/music from Amazon to Surface Tablets?


Download Amazon to Surface Tablet Converter

OK, if you haven't done this yet, click the link below to free download this professional Amazon Converter for Surface tablet. Once done, you may double click the .exe file to install and launch it on your computer. It's easy to use and professional.


Download Windows Version





Import Amazon Movies

Then you may go to your Amazon files folder, select and drag those you want to watch on Surface into the software. Alternatively, you can hit on "Add" button and follow the on-screen guide to import source files into the tool. Once loaded, you can see the files are listed on the left panel. If you highlight one, you can preview it in the right built-in video player.



Select a Format for Surface Tablet

Then you are going to choose a format that works on Surface tablet. Generally speaking, Microsoft devices accept video files in WMV format. So click on "Video files to" button, you will see the whole list of popular formats and devices. Go to "Common Video" and choose "WMV" or whatever file format you need based on your specific need.



Remove DRM & Convert Files to Surface

After all above steps, you are done with the necessary settings. If you hit on "Start" button, this program will get started removing protections as well as converting Amazon videos to Surface tablets format.

While waiting for the process to be completed, you can have a cup of coffee, or do anything you want. The program will let you know when the task is done. Then click on "Find Target" button and there you go the converted DRM free Amazon files. Now you can connect your Surface tablet to the computer via USB cable and get Amazon movies/songs onto Microsoft Surface tablet for playing. Have fun.


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