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How to transfer & get iTunes movies/songs on Microsoft Surface?

How do I get movies, TV shows as well as music from iTunes to Surface tablet? Microsoft Surface is the flagship line of tablet computers designed and marketed by Microsoft. The Surface will be available in two versions, one that runs Windows RT and one that runs Windows 8 operating systems. Though you can discover new music, movies, and games in the Windows Store, what if you already have some stuff on your computer? How to get them into Microsoft Surface tablet?


Most people have the experience of purchasing movies, TV shows and songs on iTunes store. If you have bought some files there, I don't think you are willing to pay them again on Windows Store. Is that possible to put iTunes movies/songs to Surface tablet for watching? Well, the answer is a simple Yes. However, before you dragging iTunes files to Surface tablet, you need to understand that iTunes movies & TV shows are protected by Apple DRM technology which is indeed very annoying. This protection prevents you from enjoying them on Surface or any other devices. If you get rid of the iTunes DRM, you can enjoy them freely wherever you want. Wondering how? Check out the step-by-step guide below to learn how to easily download & sync iTunes videos/music with Microsoft Surface tablets.


How to transfer/put/add iTunes movies/songs to Surface Tablet?


Download iTunes to Surface Tablet Converter

To remove the protection, you're gonna use the help of a DRM removal tool. DRM Media Converter is exactly such a program that enables you to crack DRM as well as convert protected files to whatever file format you want to fit you specific need. Now you may click the link below to free download this iTunes to Surface Converter and install it on your computer.


Download Windows Version





Import iTunes Content

On the screen, you can easily find the "Add" button. Click on it and go to the folder of your iTunes videos. Choose those you want to transfer onto Surface and hit on "Open" to add them into the software. Please note that you can load multiple pieces to get them done in batches. Added files will be shown on the left panel. While the right panel is a video player that lets you preview the file.



Choose Output Format for Surface Tablet

Remember whenever you convert a file to whatever device you have, you need to make it format that is compatible with your specific media player. Generally speaking, each device has its own supported formats specified by its manufacture. Check out the spec of your device and you will find what formats it support. For example, Microsoft Surface tablet accepts WMV files, you may choose WMV as the output format. Click on "Video files to" button, go to "Common Video" and select "WMV". That's it.

iTunes to Surface format


Start Converting iTunes to Surface Tablet

Done with necessary settings, now you may hit on "Start" button and let the software handle with the DRM removing and iTunes files converting task.

Wait for a while till the process is completed. Then you may connect your Surface tablet to the computer via the USB port. To locate the converted output, you may click on "Find Target" button. Now you can transfer these iTunes DRM-free files onto Microsoft Surface tablet for enjoying. Have fun.


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