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How to convert/remove DRM from M4V Files?

How to remove DRM from M4V videos? Normally, I purchased and download movies from iTunes and now my hard drive is almost full, so I wanted to move them on an external hard drive. By this mean, I can also watch my iTunes library on my TV. But when I try to play them on TV, it says "file type not supported". I did some research and found that they are M4V format files which are DRM protected. How can I remove M4V DRM and convert them to another format?


The truth is all iTunes purchased and rented movies and TV episodes are DRM protected. (What is DRM?) The formats of them are in M4V. To watch them, you can only use Apple products like iPad, iPhone, iPod. Want to play them on other media devices like Zune, HTC, Kindle Fire, PlayBook, Android Phones, I'm sorry but you can't. But wait, if you removed the DRM protection from protected M4V files, you will be all good. If you look through this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to remove M4V DRM and enjoy them freely wherever you want.


How to easily remove DRM from protected M4V files?


Download M4V DRM Removal

To successfully remove and convert DRMed M4V videos, you are gonna need a professional M4V DRM removal tool. What we use is DRM Media Converter which is able to remove protection from iTunes, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, etc. So, download, install and run it.


Download Windows Version





Add Protected M4V Video Files

Then, you will find the protected M4V files no matter where you saved them and import them into the program. You may do this either by dragging & dropping or clicking on "Add" button on the tool bar.



Select the Output Format

So you should be aware of the file format you need. For example, if you want to convert M4V files to AVI, click on "Video files to" button and from the list select AVI. By doing this, AVI will be the format you will get. If you were trying to convert M4V videos to any other media players, you can choose the right one according to your specific device. Almost all devices are supported.



Remove M4V DRM Protection

So, ready to go? OK, by clicking on "Start" button on the interface, the software will now start removing copy protection from M4V and convert them to the format you wanted.

Soon later, you will be alerted by the program when the process is completed. After that, click on "Find Target" button and you will see the converted files. Now you can do with them whatever you want. Have fun. Apart from stripping from M4V DRM, you can also get rid of DRM from many other files by this DRM Removal Software.


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