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How to remove DRM protection from WMA files?

"Is it possible to remove DRM from WMA? If you purchased and downloaded some songs that are DRM protected and want to listen them on iTunes, you may find iTunes is not able to convert WMA when it is protected. Is there a way to remove the DRM from WMA or convert DRM WMA to other format that iTunes can understand?"


Step-by-step Guide on Removing DRM from WMA Files

1. Burn CD. If you are able to do this, you can burn your WMA files to a CD. Then re-rip the CD onto your computer. By doing this, you will have voided out the DRM, since the DRM copy protection is unable to be transferred to another audio format. Just re-rip the CD into another format. It may waste many CDs and cost quite a time when you have tons of WMA files.


2. There are many programs out there that help you to remove DRM from WMA files. Among them, DRM Media Converter is the best and most reliable WMA DRM Removal software which is able to remove DRM from all DRM protected video/audio files. It allows you to remove DRM protection from WMA, M4V, M4P, WMV and more. Read on to learn how to strip WMA DRM easily and effectively.


Download Windows Version






Add WMA Files

Download this WMA DRM removal software and open it. Click Add button on the left top corner to import WMA DRM files to the application. You can add multiple WMA files at a time thus saving you a lot time and efforts.



Select the Output Format

This WMA DRM Removal program is able to remove and convert DRM files to whatever file format you want. Specify an output file format as per your need by clicking on Audio files to button. E.g., you want to convert WMA to MP3, go to Audio files to-> Common Audio-> MP3.



Remove WMA DRM and Convert Files

Here comes the final step. You may click Browse button to specify a folder where you want store WMA files. Then hit on Start button to remove DRM from WMA and convert WMA to the format your want.

Soon, the WMA DRM removal task will be completed. Now you can play WMA files on iTunes, or anything else you want to do with the files. Have fun. Note this program is able to convert both DRM protected and DRM free WMA files.


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