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How to remove DRM from WMV files effectively?

Ever purchased and downloaded movies from the net and turns out that they are DRM protected? DRM (Digital Rights Management) prevents us from making copies and distributing them. But why I can’t use the file that I bought and owned in the way I wanted to? Many movies/videos are in WMV format. To enjoy your WMV files freely on your computer or devices without restrictions, you may want to remove DRM from WMV files.


To remove WMV DRM, you will need a special program that is able to strip the DRM from WMV effectively. There are some programs out there which are able to re-record the file when you play it. Surely, it’s an option to get rid of the DRM protection. But meanwhile, it will cause quality loss when recording. This article introduces the fastest and effect way to remove DRM from WMV by using DRM Media Converter. This professional application enables you to bypass DRM from WMV, M4V, MP4, AAC, M4A, M4B, WMA, and more. Read on to learn how to remove WMV DRM easily and effectively in just a few clicks.


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Step-by-step Guide on Removing DRM from WMV Files


Add Protected WMV Video Files

Download this WMV DRM removal software and open it. Click Add button on the left top corner to import DRM protected WMV files to the application. Imported files will be listed on the left panel. The right panel lets you preview the files.



Select the Output Format

This WMV DRM Removal program is able to remove and convert DRM protected files to whatever video/audio format you want. Now you may specify an output file format as per your need by clicking on Video files to button. E.g., you want to watch WMV files on your iPod, go to Video files to-> Apple-> iPod.



Remove WMV DRM

Now we come to the last step. You may click Browse button to specify a folder where you want the files saved. Then hit on Start button to remove DRM from WMV files right away.

Depends on the size of the WMV file, it will take several minutes. Be patient and wait for the WMV DRM removal, and after that you will be able to transfer the DRM free WMV files to your iPod or other devices. Have fun.


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