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How to easily convert & transfer iTunes onto Nexus 5?

How can I copy iTunes music/movies to Nexus 5? I have a Nexus 5 that can read MP4 files. However, it cannot sync with programs like iTunes, I absolutely have no idea on how to transfer any movies purchased from there since iTunes use some sort of DRM. Are there any programs that are able to get rid of the protection and transfer iTunes files onto Nexus 5?


It was announced that the iTunes Music Store would be DRM-free, with all songs digital rights management (DRM)-free by April 2009. This is really good news for music fans. This means that without extra steps, you can easily copy iTunes music to your Nexus 5 for listening to. However, for iTunes purchased movies, TV shows (series), they are still copy protected with Apple's FairPlay digital rights management (DRM) system. There is no way you can watch them on Google Nexus 5 unless the DRM protection is removed.


Fortunately, there is a program called DRM Media Converter that aims to help you convert any iTunes content to Nexus 5 or any other device compatible files. With this professional iTunes to Nexus 5 Converter, you can easily remove the DRM from iTunes and then convert DRM protected files to a format that can be played on Nexus 5. Below is the step-by-step guide that shows you the details on how easily it works.


How to put iTunes music/movies/TV series on Google Nexus 5?



Install iTunes Converter for Nexus 5

It's totally impossible if you do not get rid of the iTunes DRM protection. In order to do this, the most and professional application would be DRM Converter. So here you may click the link below to download the set-up file and then follow on-screen instructions to get this app installed on your computer.


Download Windows Version





Add iTunes Media Files

Once you've downloaded this professional software, install and launch it. Then you may click on "Add" button to go to the folder of your iTunes files. Choose those you want to watch on Google Nexus 5 and import them into the application. Batches conversion is supported. Besides, this program is able to convert both DRM protected and normal video/audio files.



Choose Output File Format

This all-in-on tool is able to convert iTunes to MP4, WMV, MOV, MKV, AVI or any other file type you need. According to your need, click on "Video files to" button and choose your desired format as the output. MP4 is highly recommend for playback on portable devices. Alternatively, you can choose the device directly as the output format.

itunes to nexus 5 format


Bypass Copy Protection & Convert iTunes

Done with above steps, now you may hit on "Start" button and let the software deal with the DRM removing as well as converting iTunes videos for Nexus 5 supported format.

OK, you're gonna need to wait for a while depending on the length of your file. Once completed, you can hit on "Find Target" button and there are the converted DRM-free iTunes files. Now you can connect your Nexus 5 to the computer and transfer these iTunes music/videos onto Google Nexus 5 for enjoying. Have fun.


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