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How to transfer and get iTunes movies/songs on Nexus 7?

How do I copy & put iTunes movies/songs onto Nexus 7 tablet? The Nexus 7 is an upcoming Android tablet co-developed by Google and Asus, the first tablet entry in the Nexus series. The Nexus 7 is a 7-inch tablet, primarily competing with similar devices such as Amazon's Kindle Fire and the Blackberry Playbook. The Nexus 7 features a 7-inch 1280x800 pixel display, a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor with a 12-core graphics chip, and support for Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi.


Do we like the Google Nexus 7? Yes, without a doubt. If you have got one Nexus tablet, you may want to transfer your media files to enjoy on the go. What if you have purchased stuff on iTunes? Is that possible to sync iTunes with Nexus 7 tablet? Well, definitely yes. Since iTunes has been selling DRM-free music for several years, you can just transfer iTunes music onto Nexus 7 by dragging & dropping.


As for movies and TV shows bought and downloaded from iTunes store, you will need some help. Thanks to the DRM technology placed on iTunes store, you can only watch the content on authorized devices like iPad, iPhone. If you really want to get iTunes on Google Nexus 7 tablet, you need to figure out how to bypass the DRM protection. Don't worry, this tutorial will walk you through the detailed process on how to transfer iTunes movies to Nexus 7 tablet pc.



Download iTunes to Nexus 7 Converter

In order to do what you want to do, you will need to download the program of DRM Media Converter. This is a program that helps you remove DRM as well as convert iTunes to any format or any devices, including Google Nexus 7 tablet. So, click the link below to free download this iTunes Converter for Nexus 7 and get it installed on your computer.


Download Windows Version





Import iTunes Files

On the screen, you may click on "Add" button. This will lead you to locate the file folder where you have downlaoded and saved the iTunes movies and TV shows, select those you want to watch on Google tablet and click on "Open" to import them into the software. Then they will appear on the left panel in list. You are allowed to add multiple files and convert them in batches.



Choose Output File Format for Nexus 7

You know what, iTunes movies are in format of protected M4V. It's a file type that cannot be supported by Google Nexus 7 tablet. You may look at the specifications of your tablet and you will find the format list that is accepted by Google Nexus. Generally speaking, MP4 is a format that is playable on many devices, including Nexus 7. So you may click on "Video files to" button, from the drop-down menu, you may go to "Common Video" and select "MP4" as the output format. Of course you can choose whatever format you want.

itunes to nexus 7 format


Remove DRM and Convert iTunes for Nexus 7

Are you done with the settings? OK, let's click on "Start" button and this application will now get started stripping the protection and converting iTunes files to Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Once completed, you can click on "Find Target" button and there you can see the DRM-free iTunes files and they are now compatible with your Nexus 7. Then connect your device to the computer and transfer these iTunes movies onto it for playback. Have fun.



iTunes is run by Apple so any apps you buy from there will only work on Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad, etc. These are iOS apps. This simply means you cannot get the iTunes app on Nexus 7. However, you can get iTunes stuff on it by following the guide above.


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