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How to put and play iTunes content on PS Vita?

How do you put iTunes videos onto PS Vita? So I just go this brand-new Sony PS Vita and I love it. I was wondering how I could transfer the videos and music I have on my iTunes onto it so I can enjoy them on my trip. I tired just dragging and dropping the TV show into the video folder but it doesn't work. Help?


Is that possible to listen to iTunes music and watch iTunes movies on PS Vita? Short answer - Positive. However, you cannot just do as you do with normal media files. Because iTunes purchased movies, TV shows and music videos are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected. You will have to strip down the DRM encryption from iTunes video files. In order to achieve this, you're gonna need the help of a DRM removal tool – DRM Media Converter. By using this program, you will be able to remove iTunes DRM from both video and audio files. Once done, you can easily play iTunes content on PS Vita.


How to transfer movies/TV shows/music from iTunes to PS Vita?


Download Media Converter

Click on the link below to download this professional iTunes to PS Vita Converter and install it onto your computer. It's very easy to and all you need is three clicks.


Download Windows Version





Add iTunes Files

By using this DRM Media Converter, you can strip DRM from protected iTunes videos as well as iTunes music files. So click on "Add" button to add your iTunes stuff into the program, and it supports batches removal and conversion. (Tips: If you have both video and audio files, you may do them separately.)



Select the Right Output Format

Now you will need to choose a format that works on your PS Vita. According to the manual or specs, it supports MP4 of videos and MP3 of music files. So click on "Video files to" or "Audio files to" button and specify the right output format.


Start DRM Removing and Conversion

Since everything is set, now click on "Start" button on the lower right corner on the interface to remove the protection from iTunes and convert them to PS Vita compatible file format.

Soon later, you will be alerted by the program when the job is done. Then you can transfer the iTunes movies/music onto your PS Vita using memory stick, USB, etc. Have fun.



1. Play iTunes music on PS Vita
If you are trying to put iTunes songs onto PS Vita for listening, there is another way. Of course if they are non-DRM files, you can just transfer them to PlayStation Vita directly. If they are DRM protected, you can use iTunes to burn them onto CD and then rip them back to iTunes and you will get DRM-free files. Basically, music purchased after 2009-mid will be DRM free.


2. More about DRM Media Converter

Media Converter is a professional DRM Removal Tool which helps you to remove DRM restrictions from iTunes, Amazon Unbox, Zune Pass, Pandora, Rhapsody, Bearshare, WMV, WMA, MP4, MKV, and many other DRM files to let you freely enjoy your media files on any of your media devices.


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