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How to transfer and convert iTunes to PS3?

How to put movies/music from iTunes to PS3? So I would like to put my music from iTunes onto my PS3 for playing but I don’t know how. Also, I bought some movies on iTunes and I am trying to figure out how to put movies and TV shows from iTunes to PS3. I typically just use my media server to play videos/music etc over WiFi but it's not recognizing the M4V file. Help?



Basically, you are talking about transfering iTunes music to PS3 and iTunes videos to PS3. We will disscuss the Hows separately.


How to transfer music/songs from iTunes to PS3?

In terms of iTunes purchased music, there are two kinds of situations: DRM-protected music and DRM-free music. To play iTunes music on PS3, you will need the right format. The PS3 can play songs in MP3 or AAC format. However, it cannot play DRM-protected AAC files. How to tell if a song is DRM protected or not? Generally speaking, protected tracks would only be those purchased at the iTunes Store prior to mid-2009. Ripped tracks and normal MP3s are not protected. As long as the tracks were purchased within the last two years, they should play fine.


iTunes DRM protected music can only be played on Apple devices. If you wish to use it elsewhere, you can upgrade it to iTunes Plus for 30 cents a track. Or you can use iTunes to burn it to an audio CD which can be used like any audio CD. Or you may refer to the next part to remove DRM protection by using a professional program. Once you have DRM-free music, transfer them to a flash drive and to your PS3.


How to transfer movies/TV shows from iTunes to PS3?

So does iTunes movies, videos and TV shows. To play iTunes on PS3, first of all, you need to convert iTunes movies to a format that PS3 reads. (Note: PS3 reads MP4 and AVI.) Once you do that, you can copy and play them on the PS3 without a problem. All movie/video files purchased and downloaded from iTunes use DRM or Digital Rights Management, so you can not convert it to MP4 unless you remove the DRM protection. There are only a few programs that can strip DRM from iTunes, and among them DRM Media Converter is the best. The following step-by-step guide shows you to remove DRM from iTunes so that you can transfer and play iTunes movies onto PS3.


Download Windows Version






Add iTunes Files

Once you’ve downloaded this professional iTunes to PS3 Converter, follow the set-up wizard to install it. Run the program, by clicking on “Add” button you can add either music files or videos files purchased from iTunes to it. Batches conversion is supported.


DRM Media Converter works for both music files and videos files. So you can freely import iTunes songs, iTunes movies/videos/TV shows to it.


Select the Right Output Format

Depending on your imported files, you may either click on “Audio files to” or “Video files to” button to select the right format which can be played on PS3. For video files, you also select “Video files to” -> “Game Hardware” -> “PS3” as the output format directly.


Start DRM Removal and Conversion

After all necessary settings, you can hit “Start” button to remove iTunes DRM protected as well as convert them to PS3 compatible formats.

Once the conversion is done, you can transfer iTunes music/movies to flash drive, USB stick, external hard drive, or any other kind of physical storage device and then to PlayStation 3 for playback. Have fun.


More about DRM Media Converter

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