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How to transfer & watch Amazon movies on Nokia Lumia 900?

How to download & watch Amazon videos on Nokia Lumia 900? Amazon Instant Video is a service which provides you movies and videos for rental and purchase. The optional Amazon Unbox player lets users download higher-quality copies of videos. The Unbox player is compatible only with the Windows XP family of operating systems, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Downloaded films include a full-resolution video file and can include a lower-resolution copy for portable devices.


Anyway, how to exactly transfer & play Amazon Instant Videos on Nokia Lumia 900/800/710? The purchased and downloaded videos from Amazon are in WMV format (How to remove DRM from WMV?) and they are protected by a technology called DRM. Amazon uses DRM as a restriction to prevent users from watching Amazon videos on portable devices like Nokia Lumia 900, iPad, Kindle Fire, etc. You can only play them in desktop applications that support Windows Media DRM. So to speak, it's all about the DRM protection. If you can remove DRM from Amazon, you can get them onto Nokia Lumia or any other players you want. How? DRM Media Converter is a perfect program that not only helps you to crack the DRM, it also lets you convert Amazon videos to Nokia Lumia 900 or any other devices compatible format. Here we include the step-by-step guide on how to watch Amazon movies on Nokia Lumia 900, 800, 710, etc. Check it out.


How to Remove DRM and Watch Amazon Instant Videos on Nokia Lumia 900/800?


Download Amazon to Lumia 900 Converter

So, this DRM Converter is an all-in-one software that will do both DRM-removing as well as video-converting. This will greatly save your time and energy. Now you may click the link below to free download this professional Amazon Video to Nokia Lumia Converter and install it.


Download Windows Version





Add Amazon Videos

Then you will need to get your files into the application. Click on "Add" button on the screen, locate the local folder where your Amazon movies are saved, choose those you want to watch on Nokia Lumia and import them into the program. Yes, you can load multiple files and do this in batches.



Select the Right Output Format

MP4 or MPEG-4, is the most popular file format for most multimedia devices and smart phones. Of course it works great on Nokia Lumia 900 and other series phones. You may click on "Video files to" button and you will see the drop-down menu of file format. From there you can go to "Common Video" and choose "MP4" as the output format.

Amazon to Lumia 900 Format


Convert Amazon for Nokia Lumia

You are almost done. Now you can hit on "Start" button and this smart program will go to start removing the protection as well as converting Amazon files to Nokia Lumia supported videos.

Now simply wait for the task to be completed. Once done, you can get the converted DRM-free videos by clicking on "Find Target" button. Then you can connect your Nokia Lumia 900, 800, 710 or others to your computer and transfer Amazon Instant Videos onto Nokia Lumia for watching. Have fun.


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