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How to easily convert & transfer a DVD to iPhone 5S?

If I want to transfer a DVD to iPhone 5S, could it be possible? I recently bought an iPhone 5S but I cannot handle this mobile phone well enough, now I am thinking how to make digital copies of current DVD videos to iPhone. I was curious then tried to copy the content directly when I charge my iPhone 5S, but failed! I don't know anything that I can do about this, please help...


Well, if you want to put a movie from a DVD onto your iPhone 5S, you would need to rip the movie on your laptop and make sure it's a compatible file type of the iPhone. That's how you do in simply words. More specifically, you will need a program to rip & convert the DVD and then you will be able to put DVD movies on iPhone 5S for enjoying. How?


DVD Ripper is a software that allows you to rip & convert any DVDs to your hard drive. It works perfectly on Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP. If you are on a Mac, you may want to use our professional DVD Ripper for Mac which lets you handle DVDs on Mac OS X easily, including Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard. Okay, below is the step-by-step guide that we take the Windows platform as an example on how to easily convert & get DVDs onto iPhone 5S. First of all, click the link below to download the program and install it on your computer.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Step-by-step Guide to Rip & Convert DVD to iPhone 5S on Mac/Windows


Import DVD Files

If you have inserted the DVD disc into the computer, you may click on "Load DVD" button to add the DVD movies into the software. If you have already copied the DVD disc file onto your hard drive, you can also import DVD Folder, ISO files or IFO files depending on your specific need. After that, the movie titles will be listed on the main panel.



Select Output Formats for iPhone 5S

The Apple iPhone 5S supports MP4 files very well. Or you can check out the specifications and see what sorts of files the iPhone 5S will read. Anyway, here you may hit on "Profile" button, go to "Common Video" and choose "MP4" as the output format. Alternatively, you may simply select the device directly as the output if you are not sure about which file type you need to select.



Rip & Convert DVD for iPhone 5S

Before conversion getting started, you can also choose "Subtitle" and "Audio Track" if you want to. Then you may press on "Start" button and this smart DVD to iPhone 5S Ripper will now start ripping DVDs to a compatible format with your iPhone 5S.


Sync DVD Videos to iPhone 5S

Once the ripping task is completed, you may get the converted results by hitting on "Find Target" button. Then you may launch iTunes and add these files into the library and sync DVD files to your iPhone 5S. Done.



With this stable DVD to iPhone 5S Converter, you can do more. For example, you can click "Edit" or "Clip" button to edit your DVD movies! If you want to combine several DVD chapters into one file, on the main interface, there is a check box "Merge into one file", select it, and you will only get one output file instead of several files by chapters.