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How to copy/burn/rip Netflix DVD to computer?

How to effectively rip Netflix DVDs? So I got a Netflix DVD in the mail today and I want to download it onto my computer then to my iPod so I could watch it during a trip. I used to use Handbrake to rip DVDs, however, when I try Handbrake to rip this Netflix DVD and it doesn't work. Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to copy Netflix or any DVDs and what software do I need? Thanks.



Well, in terms of Netflix DVDs, it's not as simple as just copying it over. DVDs, especially commercial DVDs, are placed with CSS (Content Scramble System) encryption to prevent them from being illegally copied. If you are thinking about ripping Netflix DVD, you need to figure out how to bypass copy protection. Nevertheless, several software programs have since been created that will allow you to bypass the CSS and burn the encrypted DVDs. Among them, DVD Ripper serves as the best and most professional Netflix DVD Ripper which lets you rip Netflix DVDs to your computer, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, PlayBook, Nook Color, or whatever formats/devices you want.


How to Rip/Copy/Burn/Download Netflix DVDs Successfully?


Download Netflix DVD Ripper

In order to successfully download Netflix DVD movies onto your computer/devices, you will need to download DVD Ripper onto your hard drive. Here are both Windows and Mac versions available depending on your system. Then you may install and launch it.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






(Tips: As DVD Ripper being the best program for ripping Netflix DVDs on Windows, DVD Ripper for Mac serves as the best Netflix DVD Ripping program on Mac, including Snow Leopard and Lion.)


Load Netflix DVD Disc

On the interface of the software, you may see "Load DVD" button. Insert your Netflix DVD disc into your drive, click on the icon and you may follow the on-screen instructions to import your Netflix DVD movies into the program. For other sources, you can also load DVD Folder, ISO files or IFO files.



Select a Proper Output Format

Depending on your specific needs, DVD Ripper is able to rip DVDs to any types of formats or media devices you want. By clicking on "Profile" button, here you can see a whole list covering all popular output formats. For example, if you want to rip Netflix DVD to MP4, go to "Profile" and choose "MP4". That's it.



Rip & Convert Netflix DVDs

Before getting started, you may also hit on Subtitle" and "Audio Track" to customize the settings accordingly. After that, simply click on "Start" button to start rip DVDs from Netflix.

OK, the ripping process should be done soon a while. Once finished, you may click on "Find Target" button, there you have the ripped Netflix movies. Now you may transfer & stream to your iPhone, iPod, iPad or whatever devices you have or you can simply watch them onto your computer. Have fun.



1. For more advanced features, DVD Ripper is also able to do others: By clicking on "Edit" and "Clip" button you can edit your DVD movies, like cropping, trimming, etc. Also, you can join all DVD tiles into one single file by selecting "Merge into One File".


2. Trying to do this on a Mac computer? DVD Ripper for Mac is able to rip & convert Netflix DVDs on Mac easily. The steps are as easy as 1-2-3: Import DVD movies, select output format and convert. That's it.