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How to Burn/Rip a DVD onto your Computer/Hard Drive?

How to rip DVD onto computer? So I just bought a new laptop and I know I can watch DVDs now with its DVD drive. But I’m trying to find out how to rip my DVD collection to my computer so that I can watch them without disc. And for some of them I want to burn DVD to make copies for backup. So I would just like to learn how to make it so I can actually watch the video on my computer. Thanks!


Concerning ripping DVD onto hard drive, there are two kinds of DVDs you may have: Home-made DVDs and commercial DVDs. As you can easily convert and rip home-made DVD movies onto your computer, it will be a little bit tricky for ripping commercial DVDs. Most DVD's are copy-protected so it is very difficult to do this. However, there are some programs that allow you to break the disk encryption and many recent DVD’s have a digital copy that you can put on your computer. One of the best and most professional is DVD Ripper and step-by-step instructions below show you exactly how to rip DVD to computer by using it. Check it out.


Step-by-step Guide to Rip DVD onto Computer on Mac/Windows


Download and Install DVD Ripper

This special DVD Ripping Software lets you do it in a very easy and efficient way. So, you may want to download it and install it onto your hard drive. To rip DVDs to computer on Mac OS X, please use DVD Ripper for Mac.


Download Windows Version Download Mac Version






Load DVD Disc

No matter it is self-made DVDs or commercial DVDs, insert it into your DVD drive. Click on the “Load DVD” button to import the movie titles on the DVD into this program.
(Tips: If you have already copied the DVD onto your computer, you should get DVD Folder files including Audio_TS and Video_TS files, DVD Ripper also supports importing them as well as ISO and IFO files.)



Customize Settings

After that, you may want to select a format you want to rip DVD onto computer. AVI, MKV and MP4 are common used video formats delivering high quality videos. So click on “Profile” button and from the drop-down list, you can select whatever video/audio/device you want as the output file format.



Moreover, since regular DVD movies usually have several subtitles such as English, French, German, etc. By clicking on “Subtitle” and “Audio Track” respectively, you can choose the subtitle and language according to your specific need.



Rip & Convert DVD to Computer

Done with the settings? Now you can hit “Start” button to start converting and copying DVD movies to a format onto computer.

Depending on your DVD movies and your settings, it may take several minutes. Once completed, you can hit “Find Target” button to get the converted video files. Now you can watch them on your computer without the DVD disc or edit videos, burn DVD off them. Have fun. DVD Ripper is also able to rip & convert DVD movies to all other video/audio/multimedia formats you need.



1. “Edit” and “Clip” tab on the top tool bar lets you edit your DVD movies before ripping. Also, if you want to combine several DVD chapters into one file, on the main interface, there is a check box "Merge into one file”, select it, and you will only get one output file instead of several files by chapters.


2. If you are trying to rip DVD to hard disk on Mac OSX (including Snow Leopard and Lion), you can use DVD Ripper for Mac which is easy as 1-2-3: Import DVD movies, select output format and convert. That’s it.