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How to Edit Videos with Video Editor?

Video Editor is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use program for video editing and quality improvement. Edit video on a timeline: cut and join video files of any format, add visual effects and insert transitions, overlay text titles and soundtrack.



Free Download and Install Video Editor

Download Video Editor, install and open it for further operations.


Free Download Video Editor windows-icon

Import Source Files

To start your video editing task, first of all you need to add source files to the program. Multiple input sources are supported. Video Editor works with video, audio, and graphic formats. Record video, audio and screencasts right inside Easy Video Editor.



Edit Videos

Timeline panel is a working area that allows you to edit added video, lay audio tracks over it and add text titles to be displayed on the video at the playback.


You can edit video with the help of tools under preview area or from the main menu Edit
• Splitting video. You can split the file by size or time of playing. You can choose the splitting way in the drop-down menu of left pane Convert By default, the mode No split is selected.
• Cropping video. This tool allows to mark the area of video picture which will be converted cropping the part of video fragment remained beyond the borders.
• Rotating video. The effect allows rotating video picture by 90 degrees. To change the rotation direction, choose Tools > Preferences from the main menu. Go to the tab Advanced and choose a necessary value for the rotate direction: CCW for counterclockwise rotation or CW for clockwise rotation.
• Adding watermark. You can add a small picture or the text to the video. Press the tool icon under preview area to open the watermark settings window. Make sure that the check box Enable Watermark is selected; otherwise the watermark will not be added.


Export Media Files

Video Editor lets you edit video then save it to any popular format, transfer it to a portable device, or burn it to DVD.

Saving projects as video files:
1. To save your project a video file, press the button Save as Video File choose the necessary format, define the desired settings and path to the video.
2. To save your project for a mobile device, press the button Save for Mobile Device choose the necessary device, define the desired settings and path to the video.

Adding to iTunes:
1. To save your project a video file, press the button Save as Video File choose the necessary format, define the desired settings and path to the video.

Exporting to PSP:
1. Select the check box Download output files on the device in the area Save to to automatically launch PSP Uploader upon the completion of the conversion.
2. After conversion attach your PSP to your computer, in the opened window of PSP Uploader choose files and press the button Move if you want to delete files from hard disk or Copy. You can also launch PSP uploader from Tools > PSP Uploader of main menu.

More Features You May Be Interested In - Burning CD/DVD:
1. Choose the tab Data, Audio or Video to create the disc.
2. Add the files you would like to burn. Make sure that the total file size does not exceed the disk size.
3. Insert empty or rewritable CD/DVD into your drive.
4. Press the button Burn DVD to launch Burning/Saving Wizard.
5. Choose the drive, type the disc name, set the burning speed and press the button Next to continue.
6. Easy Video Editor will start burning.